Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
A white student at Yale calls the campus police on a black student who was taking a nap in her dorm's common area. In other news, Three American prisoners are released from North Korea, prompting President Trump to heap praise on dictator Kim Jong-un and revel in the potential TV ratings. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • The last time they had a dream we had to let them vote EPIC
  • ‘Last time we let them dream ....’. Trevor Noah you are a genius!
  • Why don't the black ppl call the cops on the white ppl? Will it work the same?
  • I want world wor lll to end America.
  • All the blacks I know in UK are unemployed and get off there nut they nap plenty
  • "the last time they had a dream we had to let them vote"
  • United White States of America
  • Its because if you black dudes aren't breaking the law u sleeping
  • This is bs because there has to be some kind of back story behind that university sleeping story
  • And when I believe you mean it, you make me laugh harder! But I believe this is a great way to bring up such a racist shame! I believe the whole world is a bit paranoid with violence, but this is ridiculous!
  • Solution is to return to Africa
  • Solution is to return to Africa
  • Blacks come back to Africa, those whites will never love you....
  • Jezus whilst calling the police is a bit much, she did have a point, if someone you don't recognize is sleeping in the common room, might wanna call some security assistance.
  • This is America. Don't catch you slipping... Sorry, sleeping now.
  • 0:55
  • wow the apprentice guy is the president? is this a dream? 🤔🤣🤣
  • So sad whites are scared
  • This is so poor
  • long holy something golf precise toss throat fourth replacement.
  • Trevor's sleeping face looks like he's gonna put the Nelson Mandela voice 😃
  • Ok Trevor is amazing.....
  • That's America can't sleep while black
  • Travor you hate Trump ...thats not good
  • Sorry the police actually handcuffed her too?
  • Well she has lost her marbles eh. Should pack her and all politics in all west countries from both sides along with all the other racists and bigots throw them all on an island somewhere and let them fight it out, So WE NORMAL people can live in peace and stay away from this hatred and racism. Everyone i know whether they are white black or another color or culture background is getting tired of politics and these racists raging out lately.
  • "ya i know she's sleeping but who knows what she could be dreaming off"
  • What I wanna know is: what are the consequences for the woman that called?
  • In my country you can be sued if you call the police for no good reason. What about America?
  • "Starbucks wouldn't sell her coffee." Starbucks tried hard to sell coffee or anything to those guys. They just wanted to stay around on property that wasn't theirs. White people get arrested for that sort of thing too. Shia LaBeouf:
  • 嗯,知道了,,,。 己律立,外教法帽,欧錸而众站立,,,己国輕鬆,,,。 而旧时欲压外盟或巫,言音些微走音,即棒棍齐飞和淘槍再棒棍齐飞,,,比少林折凳更,,,?。 但,少林師必改进一些些,,,。
  • m honestly tired of this racism
  • And white farmers in your country South-Africa can't sleep because of the fear of being massacred, like so many of their countrymen.
  • Trump woke up the crazies of America. the big surprise is at the amount of crazies that America was sheltering for so many Decades...
  • Awesome. I needed this today
  • That white girl was right
  • You make me laugh when I watch your video. 😂😂😂😂
  • America, hahahhaa. I'm black, a minority in my country, but my country is The Netherlands. So happy that this would not happen here. Yeah, there is some racism here and there, but the USA takes it to a whole nother level.
  • this guy is such a hypocrite
  • Spirit (of the Gulags) Airlines lol
  • Of course it's always about race isn't it.
  • Calling the police on a woman because she was playing golf too slow..... The caucasity 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Trevor Noah....... make us proud brother. Syakuthanda vhaa? 😘😍💖🔥♡
  • This is america
  • just throw the whole country away
  • Failing lying Pasta Hussein Boat infomercial claims to have the best ratings. Sad. Fake news, people.
  • the only norm here is i will be ok with you or fox covering this . it is all the same
  • she should'Ve just closed her door and gotten a new I.D.
  • trevor used to be heaps blacker underwent skin whitening procedures

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