Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Black People Can’t Even Take A Nap In Peace | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
A white student at Yale calls the campus police on a black student who was taking a nap in her dorm's common area. In other news, Three American prisoners are released from North Korea, prompting President Trump to heap praise on dictator Kim Jong-un and revel in the potential TV ratings. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • I have zero respect for Trevor for shaming Nigeria in onevof his video
  • Sleeping 😂😂😂😂
  • He has a beti cameroonian name: Noah!
  • So pathetic..
  • Only in America sleeping is illegal for everyone that’s not white. 🇺🇸
  • USA is it a crime being a human of colour wow thank God i am t Africa .. worse i really love the US
  • *"I know she is sleeping but who knows what she could be dreaming of"*
  • Americans are becoming dumber by the day. Americans were supposed to be intelligent but the recent events prove otherwise
  • #WhiteGuiltMatters
  • Hoekom brobeer jy nie om regte komedie te doen. Jou dom poes baster wat nie weet watter kant om te wees
  • Black ppl can’t do anything wrong anymore in America?
  • I’m so glad I’m not in the backwards country that is not America!
  • And this is why the world is going to ####
  • Noah!!!!! "The last time they had a dream we had to give them a vote" Priceless.
  • i m black
  • Americans have honestly become stupider then the rest of the world. I read the article and in big bold letters it said "WHITE WOMEN CALLS COPS ON BLACK WOMEN", in the rest of the world this wouldn't even be news and it probably wouldn't be classed as racist. American news is pathetic it is like they want black people to hate white people and vise versa . If you really want to stop everyday racism then stop reporting every thing as racist because it just makes the gap between black people and white people bigger.
  • Hah how many North Korean prisoners did Obama save #GoTrump
  • Its very sad and troubling
  • I’m black and proud
  • "Golf faster" that was the most racist newspaper slogan ever
  • The apprentice guy is now the president....hahaha
  • So I cant even take a nap. What has this world come too.
  • 1:34 Hillarious and pretty offensive ..and yet impressive! 😂😂
  • 0:52 spot on, painful and funny!
  • Loooool this guy is insane
  • Black people in the majority have proven themselves to be the weaker race , amongst all races. And of course , sad losers will blame everybody else before looking at themselves. Until they figure that out they will keep being known as the weakest race
  • Most of the world doesn’t even view the US as separate groups of people due to skin colour, but in fact view citizens of the US as dome of pathetic halfwits 😂
  • "The greatest nation on Earth" LOL
  • Im begin to understand now why old generation who live in 1940,1950 call white is the devil
  • the power of red coppa!
  • even if she was homeless why call the cops for sleeping of all things
  • We don't need USA to protect them and we are fine with our Islam alone without democracy
  • "The last Time they had a dream we had to let them vote get over here quick..." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • The last time they had a dream we had to let them vote EPIC
  • ‘Last time we let them dream ....’. Trevor Noah you are a genius!
  • Why don't the black ppl call the cops on the white ppl? Will it work the same?
  • I want world wor lll to end America.
  • All the blacks I know in UK are unemployed and get off there nut they nap plenty
  • "the last time they had a dream we had to let them vote"
  • United White States of America
  • Its because if you black dudes aren't breaking the law u sleeping
  • This is bs because there has to be some kind of back story behind that university sleeping story
  • And when I believe you mean it, you make me laugh harder! But I believe this is a great way to bring up such a racist shame! I believe the whole world is a bit paranoid with violence, but this is ridiculous!
  • Solution is to return to Africa
  • Solution is to return to Africa
  • Blacks come back to Africa, those whites will never love you....
  • Jezus whilst calling the police is a bit much, she did have a point, if someone you don't recognize is sleeping in the common room, might wanna call some security assistance.
  • This is America. Don't catch you slipping... Sorry, sleeping now.

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