"Trump Is Going To Start A War With Canada" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

"Trump Is Going To Start A War With Canada" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
"Trump Is Going To Start A War With Canada" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
President Trump alienates allies at the G7 Summit by insulting their leaders, defending Russia and taking an aggressive stance against longstanding trade policies with Canada. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: http://bit.ly/1gaKaZO Check out the Comedy Central UK website: http://bit.ly/1iBXF6j Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentralUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentraluk



  • I'm glad Trump told Trudeau how weak he is, Trudeau is destroying Canada and destroying traditional Canadian values. I wish we had a Trump in Canada at the federal level.
  • 0:42 As a Canadian...that's a fair comparison LOL
  • Don’t worry Trevor you can hide at your moms place if war breaks out, you snowflake ❄️
  • bet you if the Americans attack it will happen after Oct 17th 2018
  • This is Justin https://youtu.be/-EXb9wYKa7w
  • we do not treat americans unfairly either.
  • Canadians are north americain. ok
  • The only one robbing the USA is Donald Trump
  • trump pls dont dont im just a kid dont put a war in canada
  • Canadians aren`t so desperate that they`re going to do whatever Trump wants just to stay in NAFTA - especially a NAFTA where Trump imposes tariffs on the other NAFTA members and threatens to disrupt the NAFTA nations` auto industry !
  • Please Read The New York Times Front Pages On 01 May 1935, And 02 May 1935. "WAR PLAN RED" Our DARLING Neighbours South Of The Border..
  • Trump constantly projects his true self onto other people. Amazing to see a crazy person in the president seat. Canada had a few crazies, King comes to mind, but nothing as bizarre as what the USA is suffering with ...incredibly the bunch defending him seem to be hysterical..what a pathetic mess..
  • Dear Americans: I AM CANADIAN! We did not elect the malignant narcissist you have in control of your country. How dare he threaten to ruin the economy of my country just because he isn't getting his way. HOW DARE HE!!!!! It's time you got him in line!
  • Trump hates Canada because Vancouver and Toronto celebrated when his Trump hotel management team was tossed out and his Trump Tower sign ceremoniously torn down with glee by Canadians., cry baby cry boo hoo
  • I can't blame him ,he hate LITTLE BOY from CANADA We CANADIAN do not like our PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU ,, SO?? Do not tell me AMERIKA has to love him ,, for what ???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aaaa,ooooo bbbbbbbb, uuuuuuuuuuu eeeeeeeeee He has to grow up ,and be a man not a PRINCE OF CANADA,, SO SAD 😢😢😢😢😢😢🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙
  • Trump has an I Q of a walnut i will give him one thing not everyone care what he thinks.
  • Trevor Noah is as funny as a car wreck and trump still laughing at yall
  • "We'd just get on our knees and pray"
  • He wants our car factories .
  • Guess we'll have to burn Washington down to the ground for a third time... you're welcome
  • Ouch mosqitoes
  • Thats a lie its the other way around i saw the clip
  • Hope trump crashes in his plane
  • Neighbour: "Bro! Get to hiding, the enemy soldiers are coming!" Me: Nah, they are just Americans.
  • Listen, if you Americans don't stop misbehaving, we'll END the maple syrup export. That's right, I said it. No more Canadian maple syrup for you. And you can take that to the bank, or house of pancakes.
  • As a CANADIAN Medical Officer Serving Oversea, I tried to send a Message , but it went astray .. THANK-YOU FOR DEFENDING US !! AH !! Truth is the Truth !!!
  • bachi boi noah
  • U.S.A vs CANADA = Devastation for both Countries
  • I find it funny that he decides to do this not just to us but to basically every country he trades with... China is retaliating, the entire EU to my understanding is retaliating, India is retaliating. I don't get why he did this to his biggest trading partners, it seriously doesn't make sense. I don't know if he expected that we would just accept it and deal with it and when we didn't he freaked out, but things are just getting ridiculous. He blamed us Canadians for the California wildfires, because the US decided to buy our wood.... And now he's refusing to even talk to us, like seriously are you a 6 year old child? I'm sure Trudeau's actions have not been the best either but this is just getting dumb, why would you hurt the relationship between our countries? Refusing to talk to us means that you refuse to make the situation any better and I don't see how that's fair to anyone including the US citizens. and just to make it very clear I'm not blaming the American citizens for this you guys had nothing to do with this, even those of you who voted for Trump probably didn't even see this coming. This whole thing is dumb, the world is dumb.
  • I love Justin Trudeau. He is right, we support every decision he makes. We don’t even like Saudia Arabia he was right about everything he has done.
  • To any American reading this post , go look up the term no confidence vote. Then try to figure out why America doesnt have it and other countries (including Canada) do
  • Trump could wipe the floor with that little fruit Trudeau...
  • President Trump, you should be standing by the Canadian people's, not defending the Wahabi so called kings of Saudi Arabia. These Muslim parasites have constantly attacked the West with their religion, constantly using Western Governments and turning them against other Western Governments for their own ends and means. Are these leaders not understanding what their electorate already know, that Saudi Arabia is spreading their religion (Wahabism) all around the world, and that these countries are getting more influential every day. We are seen more conflicts recently, especially in the Middle East. Yemen is under constant attack from Saudi Arabia. There is another resurgence by the Taliban. The Turkish President Golan is stating that they should attack the West because they are weak, especially now they have flooded Europe with Muslim immigrants. Does not any Christian Government know what's happening? We are being ethnically cleansed by our own Governments. Our own Governments are forcing immigrants on us and we have to accept them, if not u are a racist. President Trump, I would like to say one thing to you and our other so called leaders, stop selling us out. Muslims do not like Christians or any other religions, that's a true fact. All Western countries must stop selling arms to Muslim countries. They must arm Western countries for the Holy War. Talk to President Putin, become his best friend. Forget the Muslim sympathisers in the Democratic party we can try them for treason later. Talk to China. None of these countries are Muslim so talk to them, because you will be doing shortly. President Trump, do you want to know the irony to all this, your Government over the years has brought these Muslims into your country and u knew full well they were a problem. But your Governments appeasement and denials continue. Germany under Merkel is the same like most of Europe now. Under the stewardship of the parasitic liberals with no democracy and unelected officials. The unaudited Europe will never work, it's finished. President Trump make the phone calls, arm Europe and tell Christian people's the truth, and protect us then maybe we will believe that you like other World Leaders are not trying to ethnically cleanse us for your friends in Saudi Arabia.
  • If Canada is the 'Ned Flanders' of countries, then the States is the Homer for sure!
  • Yeah, it will be better for the rest of the world if the north of North America is handled by humanity and sanity. Those beasts are killing thousands of seals for their fishing industry, you know.
  • cant believe this guy still has a show....liberal world bias,,,
  • Trudeau's team are dumb and dumber, lol The same Trudeau leftists that praise the murderous dictator Fidel Castro, lol Liberals are nothing but corruptions. Their foundation is based on uneducated welfare voters “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”. “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba. “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”
  • Why is this idiot Trevor with two first names even on tv? Dude you are nothing but a Racist, this show needs banned!
  • *AFRICA WON THE WORLD CUP ... and the NBA!* _(Cuz everyone knows Black people can ONLY be African.)_
  • best part is thinking that north american natives or as we are regarded "indians" would not side with US/CAD just know this land was not divided before commerce!! You would have a fight on first nations LEVEL and we helped burn down the white house before!
  • Go back to the Cape flats boy, your loud mouth insults are nauseating and shows us what you are, an entitled little marxist shill.
  • No one finds this funny, right? surely not.
  • Awelome, he can have all those illegal immigrants back.
  • Per usual the left is attempting to make you believe Trump is bad and the left is just sooo good.
  • Hey, under the Ned Flanders make up, we have a rabid grizzly. SO watch it, America.
  • 2 dimensional chess. Sounds about right for trump
  • Canada has LOTS of allies.
  • First of all, what has Trudeau done to his own country so far? :)

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