Rudy Giuliani “Drops An Absolute Bombshell” | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Rudy Giuliani “Drops An Absolute Bombshell” | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Rudy Giuliani “Drops An Absolute Bombshell” | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
During an appearance on "Hannity," Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani contradicts the president's claim that he never paid Stormy Daniels to cover up their alleged affair. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Imagine your whole life is about Gossip from baby face Trevor lol guy is a looser.
  • "The only logical explanation..." is that Giuliani is an idiot. Why are reporters trying to make sense of his ramblings?
  • wow, look at the face of trevor noah
  • I love how they are trying to backpedal out of this, they have a better chance of waving there hand in front of our faces and saying "it was all but an illusion"
  • The Bamaboozler has lost his GRIP! He actually thinks that he'll get away with his lies! America! Will that Happen? Go ahead! VOTE! If he loses, and is described as the Second Best Liar in America ---- he'll be so ASHAMED that we should expect his resignation! Thank You! Stormy Daniels! There he goes . . MULLING down the road . . thinking of Prison and how its gonnal go . . .
  • so...... Does that paperwork action makes this video Adulted rated?
  • Loved the paperwork.
  • What´s up with Rudy´s yellow teeth-mandibular/white teeth-upper jaw?!?
  • Rudolf is Entertaining All hale to the new coming !.
  • If a remake of Nosfertu is ever made it should star Guiliani.
  • Kanye west for president!
  • Let's do some paperwork! ;) 4:13
  • sometimes i watch your show.. and think you should do comedy... then i remember... god youre good at your job!
  • Ghouliani is a nincompoop
  • The only smart people in this campaign is Putin, and Kim Jong Un (unaffiliated) ...
  • Trevor
  • Trevor , you are .....
  • Awww little trevor is so cute.
  • Giuliani has admitted Trump is corruptible, he then goes on FOX and gloats about it ??
  • 0:19 "must be true"
  • it was a one night stand, not an affair lol
  • Jon Stewart is sorely missed. This guy is brutally unfunny.
  • We now live in a never ending show produced by the writer's of The Simpson's - its the only believable explanation
  • Somebody is lying. And they are lying big. The American people deserve to see trumps taxes.
  • R.Giuliani very obviously doesn't understand campaign finance, it can be a violation even if it was not campaign money. He's a bit out of his league now, no doubt next week he'll be hired to run, well he could likely take his pick, several positions have become or could become available if he chooses a position that is already filled, all positions are a tweet away from becoming vacant.
  • “Oh....” Sean Hannity 😂😂😂
  • Swedish academy decided to wait for another month to announce the Nobel Prize for Literature - they want to award it to Stormy Daniels, for the good she has achieved through her imaginations.
  • Baby Trevor!!
  • Kid Trevor is adorable.
  • I dont sure who lie more, Trump or Netanyahu. But Guiliani is an idiot
  • How embarrassing for you Americans
  • With friends like this guiliani, not need enemies, lol
  • Baby Trevor is so cute! Awww!
  • Yes Trevor was a cute little boy. I like it when he does his South Africa voice.😂
  • Last segment was Too COOL. 😜
  • The misogynist Trump, brought down by a woman!! Here's hoping Pence goes too..
  • That woman that crackled with laughter at the cookie joke. Definitely a mum.
  • Why everyone wants mike pence to be president is beyond me..
  • Clinton is smiling hashtag metoo :)
  • Why do i have a feeling by the end of trumps reign (of humiliation) all his racist admirers will have turned dead set against him?
  • When will Trump be kicked out... Hey Americans...cuckolds....where's the real action?? U white cucks still wants a black guy to do it????
  • Prison. No pardons, no passes. Orange face, orange jumpsuits.
  • I don't believe this story. Trump paying off a debt? Unlikely.
  • Get trump down !!! And good show my guy ! Very talented !
  • There's nothing new here for the FBI. They already know all about it from Cohen.
  • This show(Trump Presidency) has so many mind blowing twists!! My heart can't take it anymore!!!
  • I laughed waaaaay too hard at that ink splatter
  • Trevor were the cutest

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