Has Trump Hacked Melania's Twitter? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Has Trump Hacked Melania's Twitter? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Has Trump Hacked Melania's Twitter? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Archaeologists find the crushed skeleton of a Pompeii man attempting to flee the Mt. Vesuvius eruption, and Melania Trump's absence from the public eye raises questions. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: http://bit.ly/1gaKaZO Check out the Comedy Central UK website: http://bit.ly/1iBXF6j Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentralUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentraluk



  • "We have to believe that at some point common sense will prevail. But we see no sign of that in this action today by the US administration."
  • Kim who
  • This guy is a racist
  • I guess Its okay to make fun of someone's death once they died so long ago that they would have been dead anyway.
  • Have to damit this was kinda funny.
  • You know the US has done a bad job when Canada sends you a "polite" message of how sad they are at you
  • Super impressed by Justin Trudeau’s attitude!!!
  • Does the White House have a basement?
  • Oh Justin 😂
  • I don't think a person (or a rock for that matter) living in Pompei would speak English with an Italian accent. They were speaking Latin back then not Italian. And Latin is not that similar with Italian.
  • Being Canadian I can tell you we literally have Zoolander for a Prime Minister.
  • I so much love Trevor's clean humour.
  • "You think i'm joking but it's Trudeau" hahaha this guy....
  • As Britain is/has leaving the EU does this mean trump is helping Britain economically
  • The pun..It is Trudeau smh
  • Trudeau and Trevor same tie. Is this a joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • “You think I’m joking... ...but it’s Tru-deau” 😂😂😂😂 I see you Trevor! ❤️👀
  • draft moral whereas transformation increase list key explode excited.
  • It's not funny making fun of a dead human, and oh stop shouting u r over doin it
  • Wow a skeleton was found... and Melania was let out of her cage... what a day !
  • So ... how many years have to pass until someone’s death is funny? I’m not trying to be annoying, I’ve always wondered exactly where that line is, it’s weird to think about.
  • 2:40 📕🍁📕Let me be clear
  • skeleton seems fake
  • I know he's not but that really looks like a white dude in blackface.
  • Wow
  • That joke with the Pompeii man... Too soon, dude.
  • I wish you were behind me when Justin mounts you, Trudeau.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ur really funny Trevor, make me smile EOD whenever I see the issues that plague some countries
  • Give the woman a break! Recovery from plastic surgery takes time, even more when it has been concealed behind a minor kidney surgery!
  • Melania deserves better.
  • Maybe Melania had surgery and is recovering 👀
  • When did Trevor come out of the closet??
  • Haha your jokes are getting very funny HAHa (laugh sarcastically)
  • The White House 🏡: the house of horrors 😑
  • Not funny to me
  • It’s always a good video when I get to see both trudaddy and my South African sweetheart 💖
  • This is comedy central? Where's the comedy this is a joke. If you are going to play political indoctrination at least be honest about it.
  • For some unknown reason I read "Has Trump hacked Melania's twitter?" As "Has Obama hacked Michelle's twitter?"
  • Uh oh Trevor and Justin wearing the same suit
  • A splat
  • 3:12😂
  • 3:20 is so relatable mod
  • Its not funny, have some respect, the man had a heath problem as it show his bones .. seriously you have no respect
  • Volcanion used rock smash. It's very effective!
  • I am Canadian and can confirm what Trudeau said does mean You Mother Fuckers.
  • i dont know why i think that skeleton was planted there
  • I agree
  • I could listen to Trevor's pronounciation of "year" all day long.

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