Kim Jong Un Receives The "Rockstar" Treatment | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Kim Jong Un Receives The "Rockstar" Treatment | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Kim Jong Un Receives The "Rockstar" Treatment | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Trevor reveals the true winner of the historic meeting between North Korea and the United States. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Why do the GOOD people get assassinated but KUNTS like kim don't ? Just a thought to ponder.
  • Hi Are you curious about  Kim Jong Un and Trump's relationship and fate ?or world's politics and economy's future?and Korean greatest enterprise's SAMSUNG's fate? or Korean president Park Geun hye's impeachment's secret? I'll solve all the questions of you guys! Click here. HKYTV.  You have to set the subtitle function to 'English' and all of the your language is supported^^(ex)Russian, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Romanian, Mongolian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, French, Hindi) HKYTV★World’s politics and economy’s future state foretold by Huh Kyung young(+Trump, Kim Jong un) →★A summit meeting between North Korea & America was predicted by Huh Kyung-Young(Trump&Kim) →★SAMSUNG enterprise’s vice Chairman Lee Jaeyong’s face and fate -Huh Kyung young →★Kim Jong un’s fate after America&North Korea Summit -Huh Kyung young(+Trump) →★Trump and Kim Jong un's face are explained by Huh Kyung young →★Huh Kyung young tells the reason why America wants to attack China(Trump, Xi Jinping) →★The capital of Korea after unification of South&North Korea is fixed by Huh Kyung young →★2017~2019 years of Korean Politics&Economy predicted by Huh Kyung young(+Trump, Moon Jae in) →★U.S interest rate war, Korean economic slump(downgrade) are predicted by Huh KyungYoung(Trump) →★Huh Kyungyoung bleeds,who predict Park Geun hye's impeachment and Chairman of Samsung's faint →★Huh Kyung Young visits to The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado, USA →
  • usa going backward
  • hahahaahah trevor
  • He said the newest member of BTS istg the dude is hilarious
  • Kim Jong Un has out played Trump. Trump gain nothing out of the whole deal.
  • ,,l,, F U C K Y O U T R U M P H A T E R S ,,l,,
  • ,,l,, F U C K Y O U T R U M P H A T E R S ,,l,,
  • ,,l,, F U C K Y O U T R U M P H A T E R S ,,l,,
  • IDIOT Noah no wonder your not in SA
  • 0:52 ''Gibs mir richtig'' :D
  • I was fan of trevor noah and adding our super popular boys BTS in his comments :P ...thank you trevor...what a way to use our legends hehe
  • last thing i expected was to hear Trevor says : BTS !!!!!!!!! yay
  • I'm Canadian and I 100% think Trump is doing a great job. Stop listening to your media propaganda including Trevorrr
  • Wow! Your so not funny.. best leave sarcasm to the British.. All these snarmy witless remarks & sickophant audience laughing at non humorous jibes. Just give peace a chance ,, ye ol bagofshite.
  • 2:19 -Being watching this with your mom -Hearing Trevor talking about BTS -Screaming and running all over the house like the crazy girl you are -Imagine Kim Jong Un singing Fake Love That's the ARMY life I chose
  • KIM IS surrounded by 80 years old His Father advisers, and they manipulate him.. He doesn't feel comfortable anymore in that Korea..
  • Who is the hot random guy they interviewed on the street? The first clip of two guys standing there~ tanned dude w an earring😍
  • How is there no protests? Noticed that there was only a handful of people out on the streets....
  • big thumbs up for the BTS reference #BTSARMY
  • why Trump see North Korea as great country and not Iran
  • Legit laughed TOO hard at the BTS/K-Pop bit
  • Trumptardation: A contagious disease that mainly affects those with underlying ignorance, rampant racism & a history of severe bigotry. If it strikes in conjunction with right wing propaganda, it is fatal & destroys all independent brain function. There is a treatment however - frequent doses of reality, facts & evidence injected directly into the brain can help fight the disease, but it has a very high mortality rate and is hard to completely cure. In severe cases, a lead injection into the brain stem may alleviate suffering. Side effects include: random rambling, spontaneous regurgitation of bite sized alternative facts & a severe allergic reaction to genuine facts & evidence.
  • Omg I screamed so loud when he said BTS ahhhhhh Yeah Trevor boy !! I'm so happy y'all 💛💚❤💛💛❤❤😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • cash laundering is not very efficient now,and he want build news condos? in north korea??
  • how is the situation in SA?
  • Love how BTS gets casually mentioned because they're just that well known now
  • Yo Trevor mentionning BTS. Ok. They made it... and Trevor, just made you way into ARMY's hearts !!!!
  • Killing POPulation lol You're good Trevor
  • When trouble arises, those bodyguards will be too tired lol
  • Remember how Obama was attacked by FoxNews for being willing to talk to Kim Jong Un? Neither does FoxNews.
  • Indian media has lost a slot dedicated to Kim jong un
  • That Today show clip seems like the script of an Onion article.
  • This is a freaking reality show so fake that it makes me sick
  • M happy cz Trevor knws BTS
  • to be honest, from a Singaporean's perspective, the main attitude towards the summit was annoyance at the fact that they kept closing off major roads 😂
  • Bts!!!!
  • Look, no body watches western media that much in asia so people really don't know any better. Most common folk only knows him as a supreme leader of a country that is in war with south korea. People in asia don't really detest him because they don't know what North Korea is in the first place. Heck, most people don't even know what the dmz is. Plus, the people of Asia have yet to see "evidence" of his human rights violations.
  • Trump is teaching the US Deep State and Zionist puppet masters some severe lessons - he might yet salvage the US and indeed succeed in making America great again. After all, he is a businessman, not a politician. Negotiating deals is what he does. Chairman Kim has taken the bold step to put his country and people first by beginning to find a way out of the current unsustainable regime. He is opening up to democracy and free markets, cautious step by cautious step. The transition won't happen overnight, but it must happen; and the Supreme Leader knows it.
  • *attempts to hold in scream* *fails* HE MENTIONED BANGGTAAANNNN
  • OMG ! kimy and donny were about to hold lands! They're bestey's !
  • Trevor Noah is as intelligent as a pig poo.
  • Wonderful propaganda coming from you on behalf of the U.S. lol
  • What's going on..are the videos repeating or......😐
  • FAKE COOLNESS . can only help you , but not mankind - or better PEOPLEKIND
  • Trevor Noah mentioned BTS o.o out of nowhere my heart got shocked
  • Yes it’s not funny when people cheering a dictator. This is sad 😔 and We see this theses days. What’s the matter with the people they want to have fun out of every thing even when these monsters are getting more advantage

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