Is Donald Trump Above The Law? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Is Donald Trump Above The Law? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Is Donald Trump Above The Law? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation continues, President Trump essentially claims the right to let himself off the hook for any crime. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Nixon in the reincarnation! !!! Saturday night massacre!!!
  • Trevor Noah is funny
  • this reporter is a clown
  • hey guyz...for all instagram accounts hacking kindly dm me on instagram:dylanclarkk01
  • That the president has the has the right to cancel DOJ investigations IS the law. Obama certainly cancelled his share of inconvenient FBI investigations, including a terrorism investigation of Hezbollah. And Obama did a lot more than that. He issued executive orders to rewrite immigration law, an action he himself had earlier compared to behaving like an emperor.
  • America is doing great on one hand and we’re being treated unfairly on the other it just doesn’t make any sense. Creating problems where there is none is pleasing his base pretentious president Donald you’re a traitor - Trump administration and all his enablers are all undoubtedly absolutely Traitors many knowingly conspiring others misled to conspire against America and American democracy. He wants one on one deals so that he can make cash
  • How I loath trump !
  • Trump is not racist, get over it!
  • Not tiddlywinks...GOLF!
  • Is Trump above the law? Who cares? The USA is hardly any kind of example to anyone. We don't care anymore.
  • "I will never lie to you." Not sure what you call the estimated 6 lies a day his administration is telling then! Eye roll!
  • Donald Trump is above the left wing clowns like you Trevor.
  • ain't nobody got time for tha... ...well actually
  • All this guy can talk about is Donald Trump and nothing that he does is ever correct. This guy is getting boring.....
  • 1:04 PUBG is totally going to sue the daily show now.
  • 0:25 ROFL
  • He is soooo guilty :)))
  • 3000 lie's and counting..I feel sorry for Amercans
  • The start of the video makes me depressed. Not about what Donald Trump said. It brought back memories of trying to argue with people that Trump isn't all that he hyped himself up to be.
  • Love the show
  • lol he'll be a freaking dictator .watch your back USA
  • Actually, the early founding father's DID say they wanted a king, and tried crowing Washington, who strictly refused. It's kind of a huge deal in early American history.
  • Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall ......
  • So Trump thinks being president is the same as pressing iddqd?
  • Fortnite storm Only gamers and moms will get this
  • What's the party reference with the ABC News screen-capture?
  • I love how they tried to sneak that Fortnite joke in there and like two people laughed. It was good though
  • Fortnite storm 🤩😂😂
  • Somehow i feel i can be much brilliant than trump's lawyer
  • Nice one Trevor.
  • Mullers investigation closing in like a fortnite storm big up for that one lol
  • A fortnight reference. Trevor is hip guys. So hip
  • To be pardoned. 1st the person needs to be convicted of some crime. So ,doesn't that mean that if Trump wants to pardon himself. He needs to be convicted of a crime. But then can a criminal be a President.
  • My opinion as an amused European: I never liked Trump and I always thought Russia has meddled in your election, but initially I didn’t think that Trump had done anything wrong (except for, well, everything he does). But the more I hear of this... Good luck America!
  • Pence is driving the ship. Trump is there to distract from his agenda. The US is being bought by foreign agents, while it's citizens are being treated like factory meat.
  • Trevor Noah is a bigot himself. Trump never said "black obama".
  • Trevor is an idiot like all liberal.
  • No I think they are saying impeach first then you can indict him? Worth a go!
  • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you
  • The Jackal?
  • It baffles the mind that there are actually people out there that think this Trevor Troll is funny.
  • If you have done any reading on what the orange abomination got up to before being elected then you know that those election promises were never intended to be anything other than fodder for the gullible. He didn't just go bankrupt 4 times he trashed peoples lives too. And all that information was out there before you voted the big cheat into office. Now he is trashing the whole country. What a surprise.
  • But you could assassinate him, right? Just saying.
  • Trump's brazenness is only matched by his Republican Senator's spinelessness!
  • You do realise Trump is trolling the media again.
  • President for life , next ?
  • I thought I would be happy to see the decline of the United States, but it is bloody awful and scary whats going on in there. The US will never recover from Trump.

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