Donald Trump's White House Temper Tantrums | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Donald Trump's White House Temper Tantrums | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Donald Trump's White House Temper Tantrums | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
A Saudi Arabian fashion show replaces human models with drones, and White House aides are tasked with taping together official documents after President Trump rips them up. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Party like a G6!!!! Ughh ughh ughh aha
  • 🍊=t
  • Content ago global dilemma command noon slice such.
  • WOW!
  • Fake News. Dumb Jokes. Trevor needs to go home to South Africa and tell jokes about his own country's government. Regressive Left Shill.
  • baby president
  • Charge him!
  • Is Trump for real ? He had no clue why Russia was kicked out of G8. How dumb he is?
  • wingardium leviosa👻
  • you do know they can print on Tyvek , right ? Tyvec can not be ripped. they use it for tags in the vegetable section . waterproof, un-rippable
  • Basically not even hiding the fact that he is colluding with russia, with that bring russia back to the g7 summit BS
  • he kept forgetting how to write his name ripping the documents apart was so no one else could find out.
  • Putin is not 'some people'
  • Muslim fashion show. It was crapee in your face fashion world
  • this funny reporter just lies do your research
  • This is why he doesn't have a computer, recycle bin, no shredder.
  • Every document with bigly words gets it!
  • "something happened a while ago"
  • Why didn't the G7 hold the event entirely in French? Mind you Trump struggles with English so.....................
  • Wow Trevor 's voice is fken annoying.
  • Pension pack standard do stock fair thumb material portrait.
  • this is getting beyond crazy.
  • Print them on polythene or asbestos
  • Why is an American president pushing for Russia to rejoin the G7... sad whats happening over there, feel for you and i hate to say it but i think things will get much much worse before they better. If you can even get rid of him, he wants to run an autocracy and with russia behind him you may not be able to stop it
  • He will be best suited in Africa...
  • Looking at the Agenda, its clear that Trump didn't know what the G7 was for. I wonder what Trump, thinks Putin could bring to the table about the following: -Investing in growth that works for everyone -Preparing for jobs of the future -Advancing gender equality and women's empowerment -Working together on climate change, oceans and clean energy -Building a more peaceful and secure world
  • 0:47 *Potterheads*: blinks-
  • "Trump"............ "terrible" 🎉🙌👏audience applause 👏🙌🎉
  • Trump still being a baby...
  • Maybe the Germans can help the WH staff with a special software created to put together the shreds of Stasi documents.
  • I hear drones are less difficult than models
  • if this isn't proof he's mentally unbalanced, I don't know what is!
  • Awww trumpty dumpty wants his bum-buddy vlad back in the G8.. how predictable.
  • Why not give him photocopies? Also... What does Putin have on him?
  • windgaurdian leviosa!!
  • #PeakResistance
  • Soooo how do the trumptards who believe in Trump explain this away...?
  • You think this is funny?
  • ACE view! AMANDLA to the people.....
  • Crimea River
  • The green dress has a tag still on it. Lol
  • The left are the losers everyone hated at school. What horrible comedy
  • I need that Anna Wintourum spell lol. Oh you want a new dress? Anna Wintourum!
  • I love the way Trump says “Some people “ would like Russia back in. Some People = Trump. No one else has ever suggested it!
  • Can the USA afford retaliation tarrifs from canada, mexico, europe and china at once? What if they sign a treaty to boycott all american goods?
  • One can laugh but when Western countries do it ,it is fashion or trend. Booooooo
  • You Americans called Skimpy Women on the Catwalk equality?? Then complained about Harvey Weinstein's lack of control...

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