The White House Leakers Keep On Leaking | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

The White House Leakers Keep On Leaking | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
The White House Leakers Keep On Leaking | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
President Trump lashes out at leakers amid reports that White House aide Kelly Sadler made a cruel joke about Senator John McCain's failing health. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • The fake news doesn't need to make the Trump administration look bad it's doing a great job by itself.
  • It'll highlight how little these ppl care for the sick nd old, the longer its on the news the more ppl will realise they only care for themselves
  • Just for perspective, this is how we handle leakers in the government, here in Taiwan:
  • Allegedly Trump's actually a huge fan of leaks. Oh, wait, that's just in Russian hotels. Allegedly.
  • I enjoy watching the daily show it's a great show
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  • It wasn't a joke they would through us all into ovens if they could.
  • I thought the President liked "Leakers?" :-) (Pee Pee Tape)
  • People are trying to do what they can.
  • This literally explains it all
  • man trevor went oldschool on us LOL
  • Dear Trveor, I would like to know, that if trump is convicted or removed from office, is it possible to undo all of the things that trump did, such as, pull out of the Iran nuke deal, Paris climate agreement, tax reform scam, appointees to offices such as homeland security, etc.? If he won the election by 'cheating' or by fraudulence , how is it that the things he was able to do be valid in any way? Thanks!
  • At this point in time, a apology is worthless and another insult!
  • Why hasn't she apologized? I know that the White House under Trump is morally bankrupt, but even hard-core supporters must be going "umm going a bit too far there..." What no thoughts and prayers? Isn't that the go-to line, along with I'm sorry that you are offended by the offensive thing I said?
  • Why doe she need to say over exaggeration???? LOLL Can't he just say exaggeration?
  • The Daily show is becoming boring , every day with stories about trump admn. I know that this admn. is a shame , but cmonnnn..
  • hahaha this is so funny. poor, poor ppl actually think trump works for the American ppl and not the inter'l banking cartel that also own the UK, and btw are working to destroy all freedoms. but lets not think of that. only use a small percentage of your brain , and lets make believe this is all so funny.
  • Trevor Noah you live in the gutter! Speaking of poor taste
  • apology we miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu lolol
  • sounds like skids of White House Depends are needed!
  • Wow, so much hate. The left have become the thing they despise.
  • hes not saying that theres no problem - hes saying its not as exaggerated as the fake new media makes it out to be. like this is becoming fake comedy too
  • Yes. Who cares what McCain thinks; he's dying anyway!
  • That apology hostage sounds like a legit story from Canada...
  • It’s also poor taste to diss a president.
  • 爷,,,美爷己国皆无心约朿民研一切,,,而皆易取得,,,是否搖控先研出无人駕駛術,人人自由平等,无皇霸獨裁,,,对吧,,,。 但勿夜按,只有夜勤众而,,,。 但,受恐怖攻撃众皆倒霉,无可言,,,。 但,会缓受迫而怒,,,对吧。
  • Channel flour related controversy normally planet illustrate poster bomb relative.
  • I can't understand AT ALL how a human lo9ses the right of vote when dead.... you can vote on specific things all your life then when you die you life was worth NOTHING and your opinion your choices your vision for the future of life itself is ignored doe kids that have no clue and less wisdom to dominate elections as if they know when they are the least to know and the dead specially the older ones and mature knew by experience and some have special exact data ignored as if the future of life and mankind not important soon as you die.
  • Am I the only one that thinks the point of the white house meeting was to narrow down who the leaks were? (and yes I know there would have been a lot of people present)
  • If Trump's favorite action movie is Rambo, then he is a hypocrite for saying *I like people who weren't captured*
  • the apology song lol
  • "The ship of state is the only ship that leaks from the top." (Jim Hacker in 'Yes, Minister!')
  • America or a third world Banana republic? If you left out the names no one could possibly tell the difference.
  • remember when White House was a respectable institution? boy, times have changed
  • Schizophrenic administration.
  • Guess what, she is dying also, she just doesn't know it. As a matter of fact, she may die before him! We all are dying a little everyday.
  • Fake news and leaking news are not the same Mr Trump
  • Trevor you are becoming less funny and more cringy and I am big fan of yours.... get new writers in
  • Trevohs comedy cures sadness.
  • Tbf he never said that there were no leaks, only that they were exaggerated
  • Sounds like the White House should put out an add for qualified plumbers to fix their leaking problems because so far no one has even attempted putting a bit of putty on their leaking holes.
  • Trevor, you are a singer
  • Kelly Sadler is disgusting. She lacks any trace of common decency.
  • Day 5 of Apologygate, and we are still not talking about not bombing North Korea, because they have the bomb, and talking about bombing Iran, because they don't have the bomb, and giving Trump a peace prize for getting to first base with KimJongUn, and maybe giving him a war prize too, for taking all the bases from Iran and going home. At least its' a break from Russiagate, and Stormygate, and Israel gassing and shooting protesters, and bombing Iran, and
  • If it was a guy who made that remark...would there be an issue?
  • Tôi xin chào tất cả mọi người giờ Tôi Nghĩ Tôi cần phải nói ra nói một sự thật đau lòng mà lẽ ra Tôi không nên nói Đó Là vấn đề Nhóc Thuỷ sao biết biết bao nhiêu lần Tôi cố khuyên nhủ bỏ qua và tha thứ nhưng vẫn cứ vậy tái diễn lại gần như có Hệ Thống và Sự việc chỉ dừng khi tôi có phản ứng 11 -12 giờ đêm ở VN đâu phải là giờ của công việc và thậm chí còn lại nhà người ta kiếm nữa trong khi Mấy Cô hay Chị Tôi thì Tin Và Rất Tin Nhóc không phải vậy Tôi đã lên tiếng rồi Nếu tự tung tự tác thì tôi sợ không ai quãng rồi sa ngã Nhưng giờ thì là Sự Thật Trong những lần sự Thật KHÓ AI MÀ CHẤP NHẬN LẮM Tôi nghĩ nếu tôi không nói thì ngày nào đó bên ngoài cũng sẽ biết và lại nghĩ tôi Dấu nữa Tôi mong nay hoặc mai thì mọi người giúp tôi giải quyết vấn đề đi nhe ( Một ĐẾN Hai ĐI ). Kẽo rơi vào trạng thái Tiếng Xấu Đồn Xa nữa ( Ai chẳng đau khi nói điều này Và nếu tôi không nói thì không lẽ... ).
  • Trump do you remember the Wikileakes...?... What goes around comes around.!!
  • Sadler behaved just like Trump, and fish stinks from the top. Who finds her remarks okay? Right, the Trumpians.

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