The 2018 Midterms: A Night Of Many Firsts | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

The 2018 Midterms: A Night Of Many Firsts | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
The 2018 Midterms: A Night Of Many Firsts | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah reveals the highlights of the results of the Mid-Term elections. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • The Best way to feed lies to people is through comedy. Search for reality, Truth worth it.
  • MOON HOAX. #nomanstepfootonmoon
  • I really hope the democrats strategize abt it. Two yesrs to prove they should win the next presidential election
  • trevor is a migrant that only complains about racism, and oppression
  • These people look like literal NPC's clapping.
  • I couldnt help but notice all those minority first were cis-gendered.
  • Well done people ! Keep up the good work !!!
  • yes I got confused two, that was best skit, lol
  • does not matter in Florida as they do not count all votes, time limit?
  • How exactly does a country who voted in a black man with a Muslim name in as president TWICE, and overwhelmingly so.... turn racist just a short while after that? It makes no sense. Maybe its NOT racism as the overarching factor? Maybe Democrats are just as slimy, they just have better rhetoric in front if a camera? You don't have to work for NASA to figure this stuff out.
  • Dems have taken the house ? With just 51% ? Trump will bulldoze this euphoria in 2020 with his cunning strategy and the leader-less Dems will go right back to their basements.
  • Trevor is so loveable!
  • Democrats should have done better. Instead, they picked incompetent candidates and just focused on calling Trump a racist. The only people that actually care about that are the people in suburban New York and California that vote Democrat anyway. The Democrats don't know how to talk to voters. They just talk down at them. Same thing happens with the Labour Party in Britain, my country. If the Democrats want to beat Trump in 2020, they have to go for him on his economic policies, especially the tariffs. In time, they will severely damage American businesses, especially farmers, and this will lead to an increase in prices. But if anyone like Sanders, Warren or Ocasio-Cortez (God forbid) gets near the 2020 Democratic nomination, I have a feeling Trump will not only win, but win big.
  • 2018 america still have first this/that ,american democracy is a farce
  • Iihan Omar might be the first Somali-American congresswoman, but she's an anti-Semite who married her own brother. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be the youngest congresswoman, but she's one of the dumbest people on the face of this dying Earth. That's saying something when politics are involved. Keith Ellison is an anti-Semitic racist who beats women.
  • Since the Democrats and Republicans keep fighting each other and the votes are pretty much neck and neck. WHY NOT JUST DIVIDE THE COUNTRY IN HALF ALREADY ?? ''The Separated States of America''.
  • Who is Helen Nervous?
  • Sexiest man alive you should be the sexist. TREVOR for sexist man alive
  • Lets face it, anyone can be the sexiest man alive if your oppress
  • This guy is so hilarious and makes politics sound easy& funny 😊👊👏
  • losers are disliking the video with 3th degree burn on their fingers
  • Did you seriously just copy Stephen Colbert 🤨🤨🤨🤔
  • if democrat get the house whose get the car and the lawn?
  • America is both...hidden n open RACIST bro🤫🤫🤫
  • Muslims in congress? Ugh..
  • What a washed up hack.
  • Sorry, Trevor but you got sth wrong here. I've been living in SA for 18 months now and I fully respect the history of the country and the struggle of the black majority. Believe me when I say I was cheering on the streets in Switzerland when Mandela was freed! But what happens in SA right now is full on reverse racism. What I experience here as an immigrant and as a teacher is shocking and frustrating. Mandela would turn in his grave if he saw what is going on here. I am so sorry to say, after 24 years of ANC the country is on the brink of a social and economical collapse, the rhetoric of the EFF towards anybody of non black SA heritage could not be more racist! It is saddening to see that the beautiful symbol of the rainbow nation is fading to black and white again. I really don't know if my SA wife and I have a future here anymore and we both love the country.
  • Congrats to Idris!
  • LOL openly celebrating elected Muslim....oh American, you don;t know what is coming do you?
  • Reality show at its finest ....american politics ...i am not even from us just watching this for fun
  • Please get these dishonourable lizards off the air. They're just negative
  • Good job on the first step to correcting your country
  • Lol Roy smooth Operator jealous he trying hard to be funyer chill Roy be happy for ur bro
  • Actually, after you've taken the pro-Republican gerrymandering, and the voting suppression, and the "malfunctioning" (read: rigged) voting machines, and all the other anti-democratic efforts the GOP went to in order to win, the blue wave was actually outright massive.
  • Identity politics
  • Look at him with his little shoes. Dance for me boy. DANCE! DANCE BOY!
  • Democrats!!!, democrats!!!!, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • 2:27 Props to the guy crying booh
  • I feel sorry for Trump . He must feel horrible carrying around so much hate , anger and debt.
  • Love Roy's work.
  • 2 words: Tax cut. Americans only care abt money... thats why Trump is popular.
  • Ofc they didn't show the first Korean-American ever elected into congress because she is Republican xD
  • I don't know what better the liberal tears over having a blue ripple or the tears over the fact alot of the elected are in the Sander's camp
  • Try passing a House through a Republican Senate, it ain’t going to happen. Trump can just keep writing Executive Orders, he will still get thing done for America. Oh an remember he has the power to Veto any bill from the House. Winner Trump again. Dems should have taken the Senate that’s where the power is.
  • Well that was one hugely underwhelming "blue wave" HAHAHAHA.
  • I am still puzzled how anyone could ever vote for those spineless GOP members...I will never understand...
  • all of those people cheering are gonna be dead in 10 years
  • Why is the crowd cheering the Dem's winning the house? They won the house by significantly less than projected, took less seats from the presidential party than the statistical average, and failed to take the senate too (on average the presidential party loses 4 senate seats, so the dem's should have won that too). So overall this was a win for Republicans, not for Democrats. They took far smaller losses than expected, maintained their grasp on the senate and possibly even strengthened it. The Democrats did win back some senate seats in key states though, so that does bode well for them in 2020, which is really the only silver lining I see here.

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