Iran's Non Threatening Threat Towards Donald Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Iran's Non Threatening Threat Towards Donald Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Iran's Non Threatening Threat Towards Donald Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Iranian lawmakers chant "death to America" whilst attempting to burn an American flag and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is under fire for receiving sketchy payments from a Russia-linked shell company. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • DON'T EVER DO A PERSIAN IMPRESSION WITH A ARAB ACCENT for the rest these monkeys aren't Iranians
  • This dictator extimiste groupe in Iran ruined Iran, the middle east and attention !! They gonna destroy all of the world!
  • he didnt treat that he will die he said one day you will die but Islamic republic will be alive it means that he cant overthrow the Islamic republic in his life.
  • Is there is any people who can offer in job in climate adaptation in Nepal
  • Did anyome else have to read the Title afew times out of confusion
  • God bless America. ..
  • Cohencidence ?
  • '' Trevor Noah " and Comedy Central are nothing but part of a large media package: Time Warner. Time Warner with Disney and other Mainstream media are all controlled by the same group of people. This tribe also controls Goldman Sachs and the FED (of America) and together with others such as AIPAC control BOTH parties of the USA.
  • Noah is an Uncle Tom.
  • Is he high or am I wrong? Look at his eyes!
  • Saw you from CNN how did you end up in comedy
  • (((Comedy Central))) is telling you LIES! Iran must not be destroyed for standing up to Zionist power. NO MORE BLOOD FOR GREATER ISRAEL.
  • 哪只是软硬控油價而兼售武器而自防卫而,,,抽久用後,,,?。 依索比亜非洲绿洲样,,,。 彖象尤酋公子公主就是受利用後,,,巴登久助後,落入泰缅陸竞,,,但,外星族最短期,而尤公主最先最久落陸地上,,,知了,,,?。
  • Iran's supreme leader never had this speech 😒
  • Don’t worry dear Iran the world is 90% behind your country 10% are still idiots!!
  • If merica pulls out be4 finished seeding seeds of endless power for 3rd world haters.....AHhh whatever
  • Death to USA!
  • the best joke was the last one
  • Ok as a foreigner I just have to ask: HOW is this joke of a gov not already arrested ?! Is there a loophole somewhere ?
  • Idiot anchor
  • He's an imbecile.
  • Que lo qu'en en persona
  • 嗯,,,自由体系律,皆假自由,後尋代偶出,无法控贞心和民心,更況自願心众,,,不知为了什麽,,,?。
  • I am sorry for the "death to America", which is clearly not for the people and even for all your statesmen, but for the warlords, according to most Iranians' beliefs (our beliefs). But in the case of leader ' quote, he meant that "after the death of Trump, Iran would still be alive". Not that "he will die someday" :).
  • iran used(( juruslime)) name to invade the eastern meadeleast for 30 years (( so called juruslime brigade ))) fighting everywhere except defending jerusalem????!!!
  • one day you will stop breathing u will turn to dust >>>!! iran always threatening isreal huhuhuhuhuh while killing muslims for deckheads
  • we got lucky they didn't burn down the parliament
  • Please make the clip longer! 😭
  • You can hate a country leader but not the people .people are just used for votes thats it many of them far away from reality
  • Trevor Noah..not even for a free ticket, I'd go to your're quite a bore.
  • Apparently the money mine "WAR" is going to engulf the flesh, bones and the future of innocent citizens once again to enrich the rich even more. Sick of all these wars and needles casualties it's a never ending cycle of suffering.
  • Don't worry about racism in America, communism is already in place to destroy that
  • trever noah seemed so good in the beginning...but it turns out he just doesn't have that spark...
  • همه دنیا دارند شعور مارا مسخره میکنند ، اونائیکه تو گاوداری تهران پرچم آتش زدند میخاند مملکتو به نابودی بکشند
  • Awesome
  • These clips are translated into Farsi
  • I hope Trump won't start a 3rd world war...I have never understood why USA always considered themselves like the world police...they can't even handle their own criminality
  • Congratulations trump...
  • I like this guy, he is funny but his down to earth attitude sometimes comes if like it's hard facts
  • The Firefighters Like most other Iranians, they have Persian accent, not Arabic
  • Wow, Watching CNN like watching VERMIN with the IQ of AMOEBAS
  • Cohen only gets 10% and Trump 90%
  • THE LAST JOKE!!!!!!
  • $39.99 Looks less than $40. $38.42 Looks like a discount/special. $40.00 Makes it look exclusive/expensive. Shows ya every type of person can be manipulated.
  • Who is this idiot? Not funny at all!
  • 59.99 for an eighth? Yo, Trev, gimme a shout I hook you up
  • #weAreHostages #thankYouTrump
  • #weAreHostages #thankYouTrump
  • #weAreHostages #thankYouTrump Eurpopean union is just thinking about their short benefits it is undisputable that regime was and still working on making nuclear bombs nothing can stop that regime, what trump did is somehow good we do thank him, #weAreHostages #thankYouTrump

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