Trump Faces Backlash Over Jerusalem Embassy Move | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Trump Faces Backlash Over Jerusalem Embassy Move | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Trump Faces Backlash Over Jerusalem Embassy Move | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
President Trump breaks with a longstanding U.S. policy by setting up an American embassy in Jerusalem, igniting deadly protests in Palestine. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Israel take back your land
  • lol i bet Americans don't even know what's happening with their President 😂
  • No joke or complaint about Netanyahu do. Trevor youre a puppet don't criticize Israel or they send you back to Africa.
  • there's no need for any lots of life Palestinian leadership needs to come to the table and set up the conditions that are required by Israel. instead the Palestinian leadership would rather put people at risk and force people into dangerous situations where they ultimately got shot
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Israelis and Palestinians have been killing each other for a very long time. Long before Trump.
  • Trump has innocent blood in his hands. Free Palestine.
  • He is a story teller, I'll give him that
  • Sorry but Trevor has not bothered to address this serious situation. He’s made a total joke of it.
  • You know,Palestine was once a great place peaceful place to live in, that until the British changed that , its such a shame , what an injustice it is
  • The truth is : it's Palestine land Israel is killing innocent people for centuries It not the times that's this number of Palestinian die While others say it ok to let them die let the homeless let them starve to the death in there own house
  • This is the only late* show that talked about this ????????
  • That's why us Britain put usa embassy where the dog's leave battersea
  • Stop thinking that Trump is just an idiot! Yes, he is orange and he talks funny! Stop proving that his declarations have no logic! His narcissistic mind doesn't work that way! He smells the weak spots, he threats and blackmails the exactly appropriate people. He is not even lying! For him, ther is no distinction between truth and lie. He is just saying the necessary words to the right people. "He knows ALL the words!" He knows what separets people, he makes a wound and he divides them. And it's working. We laughed all the campaign and now he's the f*king president! Yes, he's awkward. Yes he's a conman. And while we are analyzing all his gestures and all Giuliani's words, Trump is doing more and more surprising and dangerous things! Look how America changed in only one year! Don't talk with political analysts about Trump! Consult a psychiatrist if you really want to not be surprised next time.
  • 'israel Palestine map' (google images)
  • Donald trump wants ww3, but he won't win because will all gonna die.
  • Just want to put it out there, unlike what this clip makes it seem, the Israeli people, (mainly left) dont like trump. Just like american leftists we despise him
  • Solomon decided something like this... happy to divide a baby, not happy to divide it. The baby is forgotten here, the one whose life is in the balance. One side wants to live peacefully alongside the other, the other wants the extermination of anything opposing. Not hard to see what's going on.
  • Jews, will not, hang on....
  • Brainwashing
  • May all those who belittle and cause the pain, suffering and injustice that innocents suffer -simply out of biases, prejudice and greed, be cursed with what they themselves used to belittle for the remaining days of their life. Nature has an order to it, and all these rivers of blood, someone will eventually pay for it. That is how the world works. I would be curious to know how nature/karma or whatever you call it choose to deal with this immense level of evil. and I pray that when it does, no mercy will be shown, the same way these evil creatures do not show mercy while stealing innocent lives, just to benefit themselves. you have forgotten you roots, you came as a weak human being who required your mother/father's help to survive or to even walk, and the rest of the human beings are the same. we share the same blood, no blood is cheaper than the other. yet when you grow up you start aligning yourself with useless ideas like nationalism, pride, arrogance, my blood is better than yours, your people are all the same while mine is the superior race, I want this land so you should get off it -I don't care if you have lived here for centuries etc. wrong is wrong, right is right. there is no two ways to it. so whatever you do, make sure you are on the right side of history. anyone with a conscience knows which is the evil side. doesn't matter where you come from, who are your ancestors. I would denounce my own country or my own ancestry without hesitation should it side itself with evil. what is a land? a piece of earth defined by a man-made line. what is ancestry when everyone is biologically related. Justice is clear to anyone with a clear heart. Only ignorant & arrogant fools are blind to see the truth.
  • he understands nothing
  • Why is Ivanka's lip moving in the picture?
  • I swear Trump is insane 😁😁😁
  • Trump is now a fake Jew with all the other fake Jews up in the Synagog of Satan ...WORD
  • What episode was this?
  • The same story is in yemen where Saudi Arabia is trying to invade ....
  • Trump's speech made no sense. Trevor Noah's reaction is correct.
  • Trevor, I like you, but be honest, you are a Trump hater...
  • Yeah ppl react to the death numbers but not to who they were or what they tried to do. And the fact that they had bad intentions. I always hope for peace but Im also aware that it won't happen with the current regime that it's in Gaza.
  • At least backlash is still allowed in USA, here in Africa backlash against the government can get you killed. That is why you left South Africa. I will take Trump over Zuma of Mugabe any day.
  • i stopt it in 3:25 so funny
  • This is the Arab response to Trump. It aired like a commercial in every Arab country. That's more than 300 million angry Muslim and Christian Arabs. Don't worry it has English subtitles onscreen. search شاهد اعلان زين رمضان 2018 |سيدي الرئيس
  • Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel is the best decision Donald Trump made.
  • Hamas is a islamic theocratic evil regime.Trump is right.
  • These American comedian are the the worst ever.. This guy is a disgrace
  • This has to be the dumbest decision going. How does it benefit the US ? If you were a young Palestinian man, blockaded in Gaza with access to food, education and opportunities restricted by Israel would you be more or less likely to join ISIS after this decision ? Rich kids like Trump are selfish and clueless about the overall impact of a decision. There is no sympathy for the poor and weak - just make sure you trample all over them Donald.
  • Yet another way to brand everything with his name... <sigh>
  • "Do you know what a billion dollars is?" A medium sized loan?
  • news acting like trump sent in tanks only simple building
  • Obama promised to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, but like all his promises reneged.
  • just a horrible loss of life? You acting like they died because of Natural disaster Noah!
  • I love how everyone blames the russkies of putting the orange D on the presidency, while the most benefited of it are the israelis and the saudis. Of course no body dares to say something bad to them because they fear being tagged antisemitic or islamophobic. Meanwhile his idiotic supporters keep chanting the "nobel" prize of peace for him... HA!
  • Israel is also naming a roundabout after him.
  • Look all the brain dead laughing when Trump the clown talk......
  • for 2020 trump most go for Israel presidency
  • The blood is on you trump, kushner and bb.
  • Trevor if u wanna speak honestly go back to 1948 there is a huge difference between Palestine n Israel when both claim that Jerusalem is their capital.. Sorry U can't equalize cruel invaders w oppressed people their life is taken away EVERY single day..they have nothing but stones yo defend what is left from their land...this actin served no purpose of peace's just about seeking personal rewards from isreal on the account of Palestine lives picturing him as a national hero....Tell me more about PEACE At least u found one place Donland people don't feel ashamed of u..
  • so... whoever helps israel is a friend now... I honestly couldnt be more disgusted

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