Could the President of Nigeria Be A Clone? | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Could the President of Nigeria Be A Clone? | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Could the President of Nigeria Be A Clone?  | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
A 7-year-old YouTuber becomes a millionaire, Tumblr ban nudity, the President of Nigeria denies he's a clone and there's public outrage at Police Officer's racist Christmas tree. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • This is russian or serbian accents .
  • That's not Nigerian accent
  • Trevor I love ur show, always enjoy watching it, but this particular episode broke my heart.. u had a white guy talk about Nigeria with that terrible accent, come on man the black guy was right there. But seriously man. It's cool u can joke about the thing with the president, but for us it's a real problem, and am sad u didn't bring that up but choose to just laugh at my country.
  • We have turned to laughing stock now.
  • We rather have a clone than to have a clown
  • Thats russian accent, NOT Nigerian
  • Ok that’s just the worst episode i have ever watched, the mockery 😏 so not cool,
  • i feel like this is very insulting....."someone who doesnt matter"?????
  • i feel like this is very insulting....."someone who doesnt matter"?????
  • Was that supposed to be a Nigerian accent it sounded Russian, with a glitch
  • Not everybody in Nigeria is a scam if you guys continue to come out at Nigeria this I fear the worst
  • Did everyone just overlook the fact that they said the president of Nigeria doesn't matter
  • Yikes, my goodness listening to that accent was like pulling of duct tape from a raw wound— very painful lol.
  • Very insulting. "Someone who doesn't matter..."? The President of a sovereign nation? That wasn't funny at all. It was downright disrespectful. Trevor, your rating has gone down a notch. 😡😡😡
  • The disrespect is intriguing
  • This is foolish... Oh you think "on somebody that doesn't matter"? How many years did it take America to get to full democracy? You should get a sense therapy before you talk about NIGERIA.
  • Lol
  • This should be blocked from You tube,it is not funny but down right offensive to Nigerians
  • That in no way is an Nigerian acccent; whatever the was, was an insult!!!!!
  • I’m really understanding now, the implication of this phrase: sell out. Trevor is turning out to be a really big one. Very depressing. The Caucasians are putting into his mouth, things they do not have the guts to say themselves—publicly (for they know how racist it is). They won’t test it out on a rich white man; but on a President of Nigeria (an African, a black man) Wow! How can a joke stoop this low?! Insult an entire people, an entire race. Always! And that’s supposed to be okay because they is a “black man” sitting next to him, laughing while he says it?! Trevor is your typical token black man. And in this case, it is for a racist reason that he was employed, it is turning out to be the case! For this is not the first time he has insulted Africans. Poor poor taste, his African jokes!
  • there is some bigotry, stereotyping and racism (not the later story but the Nigerian one)
  • You sound German or Russian or sum'n
  • They can't even pronounce bubu's name correctly. This is actually kind of insulting.
  • Edonfinichooooo 😂
  • Dear Trevor, don’t allow the American media which you now represent turn you against your own people. You seem to fight racism and speak against social injustices especially towards black people, however, by continually making news about your own people to be something to laugh about is wrong. I understand you are a comedian and your show is to find the funny in the news, but guess where the cloning propaganda of the Nigeria president came from? The west! Continually referring to Nigeria as the scam capital of the world is also wrong. Scam is everywhere and it definitely didn’t start in Nigeria. Once again the west is responsible. Nigeria is doing a lot of great things, let’s try to focus on that. And finally, I’m not a hater, I’m a massive fan. I thought I’d see something positive when I saw the headline but for the first time watching you, I shook my head. Even though you didn’t speak.
  • Your accent is baad.. Very bad. Take it back.
  • No... Just No
  • Is it just me or trevor was a bit concerned with his comments about Nigerias president not being important and also the accent?
  • The accent sounded nothing near Nigerian lol
  • micheal your wanted in Nigeria
  • Idiot sounds like an eastern European not Nigerian. I'm proudly Nigerian
  • tf whet!
  • How come Trevor NEVER discusses South Africa's xenophobia, crime rate, and corruption?
  • that is the worst Nigerian accent I have ever heard,
  • You are not funny idiot
  • This was hard to watch. Trevor needs to take over again. Atleast he knows how to be funny and not be offensive.
  • This is the most horrible Nigerian accent I have ever heard 😂😂
  • Are you saying Africans don’t matter
  • how dare u speak of my president that way😬😤😡 shame on trevah siding an insult on a fellow african country. shame on diz show as a whole... Dont u ever speak of my president dat way anymore.. would really hurt if u get off with diz and not get penalized one way or d other like uk's prime minister who resigned.. God bless NIGERIA🇳🇬
  • Bet that idiot hasn't heard a nigeria speak in his life
  • Funny story, all Nigerian presidents are billionaires.
  • why are these 2 sitting so close ?
  • Yeeesh he didn't even attempt a Nigerian accent.
  • That's hausa accent not all Nigerian talk like that
  • Nigerians don't talk like that.
  • when people say lets talk about racism i am like "awesome" then I realise they just want to talk about white peoples racism.... dont even have time to talk about black peoples homophobia.
  • that is not a Nigerian accent. That's indian
  • _that racist part was actually pretty funny._
  • Worst Nigerian accent ever

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