Donald Trump Is Kim Jong Un's “Fanboy Number 1" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Donald Trump Is Kim Jong Un's “Fanboy Number 1" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Donald Trump Is Kim Jong Un's “Fanboy Number 1" | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
At a historic nuclear summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un, President Trump lavishes the brutal dictator with praise and gives him a sweetheart diplomatic deal. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • I get it...Libtards want nuclear war. The double standards of the left will never end. You hated Dubya for all the people he killed in the middle east, but when your messiah B. Hussein Obama killed twice as many people and dropped twice as many bombs and doubled the national debt, the media just shrugged. Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream and the libtards have a meltdown. B. Hussein Obama visits "57 states" and honors "Navy Corpse-man" and you just shrug. Meanwhile, Billary has public seizures and falls down a flight of stairs, pulls the female card ad nauseum, lies on record about "vivid memories", lost 30,000 emails, and has a sizeable body count and failures behind her while her husband was/is an open sexist womanizer, but you brush it off and call her a leader. You folks are not logical at all.
  • Liberals hate world peace, let's keep on being critical.
  • i trust trump more than obama or hilary
  • Trump is selling out.
  • *So trump thinks enslaving people & assassinating your relatives is a talent?*
  • I always cringe whenever anyone from America talks about human rights! Even in regard to NK. america doesn’t have a human rights problem because it doesn’t see blacks, Mexicans or the natives.... as humans.
  • I was hoping to watch World Cup/ Germany v Mexico on TV but Trump's built an 80 foot wall around Mexico's dressing room, so game off.
  • The cameraman who did the office style zoom in of Kim deserves a raise.
  • why is anyone surprised that drumpf loves dictators and can't stand democratically elected leaders?
  • Cc sucks
  • ,,l,, F U C K Y O U T R U M P H A T E R S ,,l,,
  • you gotta start somewhere
  • Your going to have problems getting Trump out of the W.H. he will not accept any election result.'' I did not loose, It is rigged and elections are not honest so I will stay because the people love me''? Now you have a dictator.
  • At this point these type of leftie snowflake shows cant get clicks without having Trump in the title. Its kind of sad actually haha
  • Not funny
  • Trump is the President - waits for libs to cry and run to safe space
  • 😂😂Trump got honeydicked by kim for sure. "he's people love him"
  • I know these are supposed to be funny and all but I am finding them pretty sadistic.
  • Trump said there was going to be universal health care covering everybody and the government was going to pay for it. . --> We're still waiting.
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • ur trump impression is pathetic..
  • The man does something unprecedented and makes a huge step forward in world peace and the liberals are trying to spin it into an insult against him, pathetic.
  • This guys a fool . .. and only fools laugh at this . Mindless sheep . Deport this punk .
  • Did Alexander the Great start at 14?
  • Trump sure loves his communist tyrants, putin, kim jong un, xi jinping. While breaking up all our alliances, i wonder what that's all about, it's not like they put him in plac.....waitaminute!
  • Yeah, that goose-stepping really screams LOVE.
  • destroys a deal with Iran that was hard fought, reasonable and was working. Makes non-specific deal and gives up major position for no guarantees.
  • Yeah Trump should have spat in his face, then we could go back to the dark ages; eating radiated vegetables and meat. Who are these idiots running the media? Also Kim was trying to understand what Trump said about looking thin, not offended by its context, but whatever 'haha'.
  • Wow the left lost it on this one. Obama wins peace prize being Elected. Trump meets North Korea, Trevor Noah attempts to make a joke about it.
  • "Trudeau is weak!” - Donald Trump "I just saluted your officer like you taught me. Can I go back to suckling on your delicious genitals like a starving calf now? Pleeeeaaase Daddy-Kim?" - Also Donald Trump
  • Obama’s son hahaha
  • If there is a god in heaven, why is he making us all waits till he removes these inhuman fools from earth and leave the billions alone We know how to live and love. We gave no need if these bloated leeches
  • RIP America
  • I still can’t believe America picked this dumb old man to be their president
  • North Korea is not a defeated country. US give CVIG to NK, then NK give CVID to US. And according to Korean experts, there is a side letter of US-NK agreement. Most of the democretics are just making fun of trump. 50% of Americans support the Summit. Trump is a bad person for sure, but you need to face the fact that cold war is over in the Korean peninsula beacause of the summit.
  • 310k views, over a day old... Trending. Why even pretend at this point? Just call it left-tube
  • Trump made peace treaty m it what it is.sell out
  • Trump is a God
  • This idiot can’t be serious.. these people are getting so pathetic. We are sick of your disgusting infatuation with the President of the United States.. give it up! It’s not funny and nobody cares.
  • Yea because he isn’t going to brown nose the guy who he is trying to get to denuclearise. It would be way more beneficial if Trump just went on twitter and started call Kim a murderer and evil dictator and reverted to calling him rocket boy again because thats how real progress would be made.
  • If only Trump would start killing off members of his own family - it would be a good start!!!   :)
  • 4:07 too funny
  • Paid actors show their "love" of the dictator
  • "Hey who's your stylist?" hahaha I bet thats what these two dimwits are talking about.
  • Soooooo Kim has got the US to get their Nuclear armed planes rockets ships and submarines out of the Peninsular....Way to go Kim.
  • Trump is flip flopping
  • Do people not think this was Kim's plan all along ? Let Trump try convince Americans that's it's cool now, "they (NK) are denuclearizing" mass weapons, so everyone can "sleep well". Pull the army out of South Korea, then when we all think it's cool between NK and American, bam! They (NK) hit us with the weapons they were so called "denuclearizing".
  • Trumps just taking a diplomatic approach. Going in all guns blazing doesn't usually work that well.
  • so canada is bad, and north korea is good?

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