"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH

"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
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  • WOW! Trevor got Idris' voice down! Love it!
  • 2:15 HELLO!!!!!!!!!
  • Dingdaling ding dingdingding dingdaling ding dingdingding 🤣😂🤣👍🏽
  • And yet in 2020 there will be a GIRL WHO IS BACK WILL BE PLAYING 007
  • It would be fantastic if Idris was picked for the 007 he is AWESOME .but alas it's going to be a LADY called Lashana Lynch which is still good but idris would of been my first choice but i am still happy its a britt and a lady too and she is a looker but i bet it will cause some commotion whats the betting.
  • Jesus was a jewish arab, not a black man.
  • How about a black women, just got woke!
  • Technically Jesus is... Asian 👀
  • Wonder where the new Bond movie will take place, since Lashana Lynch will be playing 007.
  • He is not the ONLY black man in Scotland; there was that guy from FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS.
  • Idris Elba as Bond that’s what people want not a woman
  • If Idris Elba can play James Bond, then logically a White person can play Shaft or the slave Kunte Kinte. They're fictional characters after all. If you object to a White person playing Shaft or Kunte Kinte then you're racist, according to Trevor's 'woke' rules. And Jesus was a black man? So Black people are native to Bethlehem? This is the type of lunacy you can believe when you live in an echo chamber where nobody questions your nonsense. Anyone who raises questions is 'racist'.
  • I just realized i re-watched it for like the fourth time. When i saw 'oh yeah, i saw this one already, more then twice!' i tought i would close the video in a moment... 6 minutes after im writing this
  • If they can make Felix Leiter black, they can make James bond black... Idris Elba all the way.
  • A black James Bond would be great. A woman James Bond is a turnoff.
  • #Idris Elba 009 black bond
  • Diversity..R.I.P James bond
  • Everyone else: idris elba No one..not even god: lets have a black woman no one knows
  • The point is not that this is a "fIcTiOnAl cHaRaCtEr", the point is, that this IS established character. James Bond IS white, fictional white character. If they announced they're creating new movie, about some spy, and this spy will be a black woman... Cool, I might watch this if trailers etc will pull me to it. But changing a character that way? It's laziness, lack of ANY creativity, and quite insulting to black people. 'We don't even care about creating a franchise for you, we'll just rewrite something'. So here's my counter idea, how about white Shaft? Blade? Luke Cage? Because honestly? I don't want to see them white, they were created as black men, by screenwriters, comic writers, whatever, but they are NOT white. If you find me a book where character's skin color or gender (lol) was never established, then go ahead, cast transgender, black, gay woman, if a character is created in a certain way, don't fucking interfere with author's vision. It's stupid and insulting.
  • Quick Question Brexit Yes or No? Indie hater Noah you are racist too. But Jesus II still loves you. Tiger Tiger. Back to point Ask Cary to cast Christopher m Pratt as next 007 and Lashana as Ms Q if he doesn’t want to be recorded in annals of history as most awwwfool bond movie in box office. Find out who I am and give me the credit as I am the only one (FCFS) in this universe who had been envisioning Pratt Son in law of The Arnold as 007 franchise king
  • I just watched this yesterday, and today this news came out: black and woman 😁 https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/jul/15/lashana-lynch-new-007-james-bond-daniel-craig?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1563177871
  • I guess only this guy is happy that James bond will be a black woman...
  • Since when Jesus was a Black man? Semites are black now?
  • NOPE! Lashana Lynch! 🤣 Idris got skipped!
  • Idris Elba was the right choice. Now we have this shit show happening. Possibly for like 3 movies...
  • Sad to say.... Not gonna happen. A black woman is going to play 007
  • He was gonna make fun of Idris from the start but when the audience cheered to the name, he realised he couldn't risk offending his snowfalke millenial crowd, so he made jokes about the typical racism and discrimination joke to which the audience applauded like the sheep they are, then later on made some common sense points for why it's probably wouldn't be the best idea to let a black man play the role.. But of course if anyone else says the same thing, racism.. Smh
  • yikes, he is bad.
  • Cant wait for shaft played by a white man, ya know fictional character.
  • No thanks, seems like more Hollywood virtue signaling to me, another movie franchise destroyed by modern pop culture.
  • Who knew Trevor was funny.
  • Turns out that white people didn't want a black man as the new 007, so for the hell of it, there's a female (black) 007. Things are changing, when will you ?
  • Wow, that was actually funny. Hate your political stances 😂 but funny is funny
  • 007 as a black woman?! braindead idea LOL. not interested to watch even if they pay me.
  • Bond's a white guy. End of argument.
  • Well we got a black mermaid lol
  • There are black people here too. But we are the minority just like in America. This is a bit insulting, growing up in a contry where no one ever have include your "race" because of the skin colour. I feel hurt even if this were supposed to be a joke.
  • Black James Bond smuggles Cocaine from Mexico to USA & then sells it down the hood!
  • Idris Elba is freakin AWESOME!!! One of my favorite actors! Guys so hot.
  • How about replace blade with Tom cruise?? No because blade and blackpanther were written as black characters the same way bond was written as a white character
  • Should we also replace blackpanther with a white guy
  • Fuck off, I don’t want a black James Bond
  • Ding drin ding din din ding drin din din ding drin din din ding drin din din DEREEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  • Ariel cannot be played by a black woman!!!! Racism!!!!!
  • I imagined the whole scene 😂😂😂
  • He is supposed to be based on Porfirio Rubirosa as far as I know.
  • I must whole heartedly agree with this ...sorry Idris
  • No no no When a white man can play shaft or MLK without a riot on the streets, then a black man can play James Bond

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