"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH

"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
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  • jesus was oriental skin no doubt
  • Yo, just had to say this, Trevor is absolutely cantankerous!
  • *points* DAAA NAAAA!
  • That Jesus comment was gold!
  • Please please please... I want Idris as Bond 007.
  • 😂😂😂
  • Trevor is such a genius. his accent is spot on
  • Lol Jesus was a black man
  • Trevor.. I like your shows but please please DONT EVER refer to Jesus Christ in your jokes..That is blasphemy ....On Judgement day the joke will be on you...
  • Well tbf, the Internet comments even bitched over there being a majority of black people in a movie about the BLACK fucking PANTHER character. Internet comments are the worst.
  • Trevor would make a handsome James Bond!!!!!
  • I usually don’t like the whole changing gender and ethnicity on characters in movies. Usually because it’s motivated by sjw bullshit. But I gotta admitt, race, skin colour got shit to do with it... I would kill to see idris alba as James Bond. He was born for that roll
  • Idris as Bond makes absolutely no sense to me
  • Wtf Jesus was Jewish not black
  • Let’s make it happen... Trevor Noah’s version of James Bond... epic!!
  • Jesus was a Hebrew not black, hebrews were super racist and didnt except other into there cult till much much later
  • So funny...i didt think of this perspective
  • #idriselba 🙌🏿
  • lol...maybe take Bond to the Caribbean, Miami or Africa
  • This is my favorite part of the special. Because i grew up in a verrrry white little European village and we don’t really know many people of other colour, we had 1 chinese girl in my class and 1 black boy in my entire school, we barely knew what racism was either because those 2 people where so rare we where just more in awe than having a hateful thought cross our mind.
  • Flemming lived in Jamaica at the time he wrote the James Bond books, obviously, he was thinking of a black man.
  • Ok then do an film about Nelson Mandela and cast a white man. This will not be a cultural inappropriate right
  • elba would be the best bond ever
  • i got a james bond ad on this video
  • Jesus wasn't technically black in any sense of the word. In fact, the whole area was much, much whiter than today. The Jews, Romans etc were white white, not dark as today. Even the Spanish etc were really white, not dark as they became after the Moorish invasions.
  • oh look, how ironic... Trevor Noah, who LOVES to complain about whitewashing and about how blacks in France should proudly call themselves africans (even though they're french), yet when it comes to white culture... suddenly you're a racist and a bigot when you say that you want white roles to be played by white actors. And the whole fictional character argument doesn't even work, the BBC, by today, has tons of so called 'historic' shows about historic british characters and half of them are being played by black actors nowadays because of 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness', even thought that sh*t doesn't even make any sense because those were REAL HUMAN BEINGS... Trevor Noah is a pathetic hypocrite and nothing else.
  • This guy is funny as sh** damn can't stop laughing 😂😂😂
  • Fight the racism in your homeland South Africa!
  • Jesus was black!! You are really sick
  • Again, I have to laugh as to how weak and un-creative women and people of color are when they can't even come up with an original idea. They have to ride on the coat tails of a white man. It really is funny and shows how superior white men are in the realms of creativity and originality.
  • Ok ..'positive discrimination' has gone too far
  • Awesome 😂😂😂🤘👍
  • We love you Trevor!
  • Lol since when was Jesus Black? He was Jewish
  • don matter anyway. bond pretty much announces, "Hello, I'm a spy." as soon as he meets th'badguy. Really, has he ever not blown his cover.
  • I hope they don't do this or make it a Jane Bond! Anyway this wouldn't be good for his career anyway!
  • If Bond can be black, can Shaft be white? Equality is a two way street after all. As an African born black man I want equality in its most fair and absolute form, not special treatment.
  • If y'all dig a little through history books, Bible etc you'd know that Jesus was a Jew from Galilee (now called Israel). He'd look like every other people from that same region , which is, according to all the archeologists that have been working on this region , not tall (around 5feet ) Not very heavy either (121pounds) Muscular (remember he's a carpenter) Short black curly hair And lighter skinned than Trevor liar Noah. Definitely not black nor European white Simply "arabic" white
  • Using comedy to address serious issues. Perfect!
  • Trevor you rock 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • I laughed so hard. You are so talented.
  • I saw the james bond thing and i thought it was stupid. Because james bond 007 is English, not white
  • I dont care who plays some stupid character i wont watch any way.
  • Jesus was not black, middle Eastern are dark, but technically not black.
  • That will be the most comedic James Bond movie i ever seen just like Trevor explains it 😂😂😂😂
  • I'm black, I always wanted Fassbender as Bond.
  • Maybe if he was a short black man. I recommend Kevin Hart. Nobody will see him in the crowd because he’s so short.😂
  • “Jesus was technically a Black man but he get played by a White man all the time” the honesty in this joke is off the charts.
  • i just love Trevor Noah!!!

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