"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH

"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
"Idris Elba as James Bond?" - (Afraid Of The Dark on Netflix) - TREVOR NOAH
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  • James Bond in Africa! DONE!
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Hold up there 👆 I recall a white man “A spy” Played by Daniel Greig running through a black neighborhood/ embassy; and hanging around a snake/ badger fight as he and the other white dudes “Holding his ear to talk” were the typical regular guys in town ha ha. Idris Elba will work “I want to see that”.
  • Bond was never described as being a blue-eyed, blonde-haired guy, and there was a HUGE public outcry when Daniel Craig was first cast as him back in 2006, to which everyone immediately shut the fuck up the moment Casino Royale came out and they realized that he was a great Bond despite being completely different in appearance from how he was depicted in the novels. Idris is handsome, well-liked, recently rated as the best looking guy in the world, has the suave demeanor and personality that would perfectly encapsulate the character... He is perfect for Bond, no matter what his skin tone.
  • Brilliant
  • love this guy
  • Hey Trevor I think you're doing an awesome job with what you are doing. The spirit with which you have delt with the hardships in your life is remarkable. I especially got inspired by the the spirit of your mom in her last time. Your show on Nelson Mandela reminded me of BR Ambedkar (the Indian counter part of Mandela ). We also had a very bad condition because of the prevalent cast system. The impact of this system has diminished a little but it still exists. I think you will like to read about BR Ambedkar. Most people in West do not know him which is sad because he was no smaller leader than gandhi or Martin loother King. Keep doing the good work buddy. Greetings, Anil
  • Was jesus a black?woow i suprized to heard this and i am soo happy !😃
  • As a Christian, I feel insulted. Trevor is a Christianophobe. He can't make fun of my Lord, same way his joke about the prophet of Islam or any other religion would have been considered insulting. I strongly condemn this. Shame on you Trevor Noah for making fun of Jesus Christ. I want an end to this Christianophobic statements.
  • Idris Elba? Did not know him (shame on me), then watched him in interviews and a movie - and yes: His elegance and souvereign appearance is all that James Bond is about - would love to see him play that role. James Bond is not about a skin colour, but about British sophistication, toughness, certain type of irony and charme (and a big budget franchise).
  • Yeah. And Roseanne Barr as Oprah.
  • No thanks. Whites in Lion King theater.
  • Personally, I don't believe any already established character that has an existing fan base should be changed no matter what that change may be (race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc.) especially when that change is completely unnecessary. I don't want to see a black Bond or Human Torch anymore than I want to see a white Blade or Lando Calrissian. As for Idris, I don't see why he can't be introduced as an equally competent 00' agent, there's no reason he needs to be James Bond. I will point out the double standards when it comes to casting in TV shows and movies, the race of non white/non western characters, no matter how minor is seen as sacrosanct and met with accusations of racism and cultural appropriation if changed, yet the race of a white/western characters, even those as iconic and famous as Bond somehow doesn't matter and anyone who is against such a change is immediate and unfairly accused of being racist. Take the 'Gods of Egypt' movie for instance, there's was 'outrage' because Egyptian Gods were being played by white actors (despite them being mythical and despite them being known shape-changers) yet black actors playing characters from Norse mythology in the Thor movies (Heimdall, Valkyrie etc.) again is somehow seen as perfectly acceptable and anyone who queries these casting decisions is 'just a bigot' Yes there need to be minority characters in western based media but it's not the number that need to change it's the quality of said characters. Here in Britain for example the black Afro-Caribbean population only makes up 3% of our population so of course there's going to be vastly more white people and white characters in our entertainment media, that's not racist in any way nor is it an 'issue' that need to be addressed, that's just the reality. Not wanting the race of a beloved character that you've grown up with changed dose not in any way make you racist or a bigot. Bond father was Scottish, his mother was Swiss and after their deaths he was raised in Kent in the south-east on England by his aunt. Fleming was very vocal about what he wanted his character to be and the people he based the character on (including the wartime exploits of Sir Christopher Lee). Bond is a straight white male with an English accent, anything other than that and he wouldn't be James Bond. When it comes to casting I believe we should honour the wishes of the creator and the literal generations of fans.
  • Yes! Tell them! Jesus wasn't white 🤣🤣🤣
  • Nobody does accents like Trevor!
  • There are a lot of white spies running around in various african and asian countries and they're doing just fine!
  • Trevor, it's trivia time! Sean Connery may have been the perfect actor to portray the suave debonair British spy. But was he the first actor to play Bond? Actually no! In the 1950s 'Casino Royale' had been made as a two part TV movie in the US. The actor to play 007 had been the handsome Barry Nelson. however, he hadn't read the book and neither had anyone told him about James Bond's nationality. Result? James Bond had spoken in a pure American accent!
  • Now everything is racist, sexist, inappropriate and insulting. Idris Elba don't get a part- racist!!! Any actress don't get part -sexist!!!
  • Idris would make a great bond
  • fuck the code word diversity. such an obvious ploy. i like idris a lot, but he, should never play bond. and he should have never played heimdall or roland. fuck diversity. such an obvious ploy. which of its nature is racist and divisive. when will the trained monkeys morons of the world learn, that we all are literally of the same flesh.
  • wauw. an add of 007 during this video. nice
  • I can’t wait for a white dude to play black panther
  • Idris Elba is a dream...
  • The contemporary image of a fictional character which has lived in our minds is hard to change, to me some characters simply can´t just have their race changed. I don´t care about James Bond, never liked the character and thus his presentation wouldn´t matter, however I can´t imagine Sherlock Holmes being black because he has in fact lived in my mind, I have a clear picture of who he is. This is especially true if you are a vivid book reader, characters live in our minds through the words of brilliant authors. They remain as pictures which may vary within each individual, the presented characteristics within the book however never fade away. Being a huge Star Trek fan and having read most books I can´t imagine Uhura being white, she is black and end of story. I guess what I just wrote is very hard for some people to understand with all the political correctness going on, my wife is black and she agrees (for the most part).
  • Well I will say Jesus in scripture was never described as white or black in scripture but from the place he came from in Israel and in the middle East he probably was tan like you know how a middle easterner has that shade of tanish brown ish it's not white or black but that's just based off of the geography
  • Jesus was a Jewish guy. Not to be confused by a white dude. Or have you ever seen a Black dude wave his curls around? yeah that doesnt happen.
  • I think Idris Elba should be James bond. And Shaft should be played by Leonardo DiCaprio .
  • I can count on your videos to make me laugh when I’m feeling down 😂 thank you
  • Lol
  • I would rather suggest Idris Elba to play Moussa Bondoko Agent of the Nigerian Secret Services. He would be the best in world at chasing bad fried chicken, internet scammers and bad dancers all over the world. Seems more realistic to me....
  • Jesus was Jewish, he wasn't black or white. Racist cunt.
  • I want to see this scene happen in the next movie
  • Well white washing exist so Idris can be 007. You're point is invalid
  • He or Trevor would be the best 007. Also The Docter became a female
  • well hes not wrong....
  • can't you leave the roll of a british spy for a white guy to play or are you all that jaded in favour of turning the whole bond series to another bad joke.
  • michael fassbender should be james bond
  • I know that Trevor is supposed to be shaking alcohol in a tumbler buuuut it looked like something else especially with the mic and the side view... then him saying "there's something about".
  • Idris Elba is Jamaal Bond
  • Idris Elba is my favourite actor
  • Black Panther should be played by an Asian.
  • Isris Elba would make a spectacular Bond. Not because he's black, not despite him being black or any of that stuff. Simply because he's a badass actor and the right kind of man for the role. Besides: In a series where at least two recurring characters went from white to black (Moneypenny, Felix Leiter) and the main character has been played by six different actors (I'm ignoring all those "Bonds" from 1967's Casino Royale) ... how much "suspension of disbelief" is required to accept a black man as Bond?
  • Jesus was not black, he was middle Eastern
  • i wanna meet you so much, you seem so genuine
  • If they cant mention trevor noah as one of the best comedians of all time, i can't fxcks with them, mxm
  • No, stop with black fever, Jackie Chan should be next James Bond! 😉
  • It’s fun but it’s true that there are technically more Asian in Scotland than Black people. Only about 0.7 percent of the population is black.
  • My laugh of the day !!! I love the Mexican jokes. They are right on point!

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