Trump Hands a PR Victory to Kim Jong-un | The Daily Show

Trump Hands a PR Victory to Kim Jong-un | The Daily Show
Trump Hands a PR Victory to Kim Jong-un | The Daily Show
At a historic nuclear summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un, President Trump lavishes the brutal dictator with praise and gives him a sweetheart diplomatic deal. Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: About The Daily Show: Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Air Force UNS 😂😂😂😂
  • Hilarious analysis I can,t stop my laugh!
  • Oh jeez! This is simply so plain stupid, that from a north korean perspective, I could imagine Kim thinking "Ehh definitely some smart ass trap, laid by the US to trick me..." But its not even..
  • North Korea's leader is hard-working while Canada's leader is weak ... glad to see our priorities
  • This video has the length of a conspiracy ....... !! Nice played Trevor, Nice played
  • I bet you liberals will shoot yourself with a AR-15 before you even give up your pride for your president. He's our president, get over it
  • Trevor Noah: "bts" /loud rumble from the distance/ oh no. It's happening. *KIM NAMJOON! KIM SEOKJIN! MIN YOONGI! JUNG HOSEOK! PARK JIMIN! KIM TAEHYUNG! JEON JUNGOOK! BTS!* Aaaaaaaand there goes the comments section
  • Don't antagonize Kim. Don't be nice to Kim. Make up your mind
  • Democrats are very butthurt they didn't managed to do what Republican party capable of, huh?
  • No country cares about human rights. For example gender rights lol
  • Little Rocket man is now the rock star dictator. #PutinIsJealous
  • Little Rocket man is now the rock star dictator. #PutinIsJealous
  • “ the panties came flying off” 😆👍❤️
  • if Obama did...any....of...this.............. may all of trump's trash go to fvckin hell
  • Asshole Alert! Needs to return to his shit-hole country
  • A little harsh making fun of the retarded kids playing diplomacy.
  • Our flag next to theirs.. yikes
  • How is this happening
  • Kudos to both men. Nobody else could do it.
  • Tr*mp flew to Singapore for Kim Jong-un’s autograph...
  • It is fascinating and ridiculous how many people look up to an infamous person. Public Enemy Number 1 is a good song in the musical Anything Goes about such people. "Public enemy Number 1, thank thee for everything thou hast done."
  • Fucken idiot
  • Kim went to a very exclusive boarding school in Switzerland and most probably speaks English and other languages. I'm pretty sure he understood that fat joke without needing a translator.
  • they really should've given him the coldest treatment EVER just to make it clear how detested he is
  • People that watch this show to get their news are seriously fucking brainwashed. God this show is the most braindead "news" cannel I've ever seen. This is literally the best thing that could have happened for possibly this entire decade and of course leftist will say anything just to make Trump look bad. Lol. Its really pathetic.
  • I can’t help but to feel like Trump is targeting Russian immigrants in the United States to vote for him by saying things favorable to Russia. Russian immigrants, don’t make United States like Russia where you took your family out of because of the cruel politics by voting for Trump! This is not what you want, is it? To make the United States like Russia?
  • Damn even Shapiro said it was bad xD
  • Hey Trevor Noah go suck a dick. You'd complain if you were hung with a new rope.
  • Dumbo Donald better watch out, in case the American President Vladimir Putin gets jealous, and stops peeing in Dumbo Donald's mouth.
  • Watch the body language. Trump won
  • Is Trump mentally stable?
  • I always watch trevor but I dont comment. Today's reason, he mention Kpop and BTS .
  • *Trevor don't come to North Korea* 😠
  • I have no idea how anyone can be cheering for Kim. But, people can be real stupid sometimes. There's no underestimating the power of celebrity influence, it's how America elected its President.
  • cuz trump will enslave his people and run a police state if he has a chance
  • I know you people hate Trump, but to be honest, why the hell you say there is nothing achieved? THE NK PROMISED TO DENUKE THE KOREAN PENINSULA! Why do you ignore that?
  • I love how Trevor can make you laugh at all the terrible things going on.
  • trump about the popular, democratically elected leader of a bordering nation that is also one of our closest allies:weak, pathetic pretty boy trump about the totalitarian dictator of a hostile nation that violates every human right imaginable and threatens to nuke us:great leader whose people love him
  • Haahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 omg Trevor you're hilarious i wish i could see u one day in person I can't stop laughing at your jokes 😂😂😂😂🙄
  • 2:19 My reaction to people running out to see Trump when he came to our school for a rally. It was now cool to hang confederate flags in dorm room windows and to use racial slurs against any colored politician. Then I realized . . . I was in the deep south, border of Florida deep south. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • wow these American media outlets are nasty and dishonest and the sad thing is they think they are funny. Watching these reporters feels like watching mentally ill psychopaths at work.
  • it's especially hilarious since trump is himself a gross fatty
  • Travo you behave like more Republican then Trump
  • See Kim knew that if he met with any other president he wouldn’t be able to get what he wanted out of the meeting. But at least we got in that fat joke. Go America!
  • Trevor, you've got to make a gaming channel like mine. I would loose my mind if you did xD
  • LITERALLY SCREAMING OVER THE BTS REFERENCE TO THE POINT THAT MY LANDLORD CAME TO SEE IF I WAS ALRIGHT. Armys, we’ve made it to the point where bts is popular enough to be referenced in American media I’m so proud of our boys ❤️
  • Hm the developed country with most homeless, hungry, poor people that also has a torture base in Cuba and blows people up by remote machines at their weddings fronting like theyre on the high moral ground 🤔 funny
  • GCC etradez Again=yahoodTrump shack hands with NKoria/Arafat/Alawi/Bashar to give up his Guns for building up ramalaCITI (maktoom appoint $wazeer Hamad/jalabi/hariri) then Sabah/Abod poison/kill you if all else fails to be a Puzyman...from rocketman to Tawbees salmanco kazino. Wa Mullerzzzzzz
  • So stupid, what a clown show. This is a terrible person who’s family is responsible for many deaths.
  • LOL @ Trump fat shaming a dictator 😂

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