Donald Trump Is Tweeting Game Of Thrones Memes | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Donald Trump Is Tweeting Game Of Thrones Memes | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Donald Trump Is Tweeting Game Of Thrones Memes | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
U.S. troops prepare to confront a migrant caravan, President Trump announces sanctions against Iran via a "Game of Thrones" meme, and India unveils the world's tallest statue. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • I always knew Trump styled his presidency after the rule of king Joffrey Baratheon.
  • India would be better of building toilets and teaching people how to poo rather than spending money on statues
  • trump where is the wall that u said mexico was going to pay it?? wondering
  • Trevor Noah 😘😘😘♥️
  • Gandhi has his photo on the Indian currency, nothing wrong in crediting others who played a vital role in the independence of india
  • But we love Patel more than Ghandi.
  • Nailed it Trevor !!!
  • I can understand very clearly that our stomach is burning so that u are talking like this about India
  • u gave idea right ,if we built Gandhi's statue so that the money could be saved I will tell u one thing India is not cheaper like your country
  • Sardar Patel is my father. Jay sardar Jay patidar And video maker this video deleted-હુકમ થી.
  • caravan problem of trump not indians .so take care of your president and give him some advise.what india should do or not. and one thing more first appoint sober judge in court.
  • All Game of Thrones fans, You can find amazing game of thrones themed products on our store: CHECK IT OUt! And take a part of the 8th kingdom!
  • Why on earth do we need a statue? I don't get that logic. Oh! I got it. There is no logic. Great!!!
  • lol :)))) I think Trump must watch this 60sec Iranian film to calm down :))))
  • loved it
  • 400m dollars on a statue while a good chunk of the country is starving. Use the money for constructive schemes not expensive stone. smh
  • Orange hates the new black??? whoo thinks these up?! shook!
  • US should fire all the relatives and families of Iranian top government officials, close their bank accounts and send them home. They should find a solution for putting pressure on them not people. Sanctions will lead to famine and people struggling to find food and medicine. You realize that there is no democracy and people can't say anything against the regime no matter how hard their lives get. And the government will blame US for all of that, extremest find a foot hold and things get even darker and harder for everybody.
  • Gandhi is already everywhere that's the point of building statue of others. I am not saying that cost is justified just clearing up Gandhi reference
  • You forgot to mention that the Statue Of Unity displaced 75,000 tribal folk, took their land and haven't compensated them either. The ₹3000 crore statue futhermore is like 4 hours from Ahmedabad so tourism opportunities won't be that grand, and it's location in the Narmada basin threatens the fragile ecosystem. It's also ironic that Patel, himself once banned the party that leads the govt who built the statue, due to their religious extremism. But alas let us go behind empty statues instead of actual development and growth~
  • Hey Noah you care about money so much why don’t you just donate your earnings, I am sure many will be able to pay their visa fee for staying in United States.
  • Oh Chump is going to want to build an even bigger statue, of himself of course.
  • Trevor Noah is my favourite late night comedian. Hilarious, classy, and best accents in the biz!
  • lol us indians are so divided over that statue
  • Because Gandhi was a monster.
  • The statue of Ghandi is actually outside Wellington Station.... marching towards the station as if he is on the way to catch a train.
  • You don't know SARDAR PATEL, Trevor.
  • if u dont know what a true patriot Patel was, u must shut ur fackin face!!!!
  • I am writing from Södertälje, Sweden, a town that got its 15 minutes of fame a decade ago for taking in more Iraqi refugees than the whole of USA. (Spoiler alert: It has worked out fine, but not without difficulties on the way). A handful Central American refugees would pose no problem, would be welcome. A few members of the Swedish parliament and other notables are refugees from the former Chilean military junta and other South and Central military regimes.
  • Since the Democrats and Republicans keep fighting each other and the votes are pretty much neck and neck. *WHY NOT JUST DIVIDE THE COUNTRY IN HALF ALREADY* ?? ''The Separated States of America''.
  • We all realize that the statue costs a lot...the money could have been used in our space programs instead
  • Bush and Obama sent troops to the boarder too. Is Trevor naive or just ignorant lol.
  • Good bussiness partners trump and modi.
  • I hope Trump hasn't seen the statue, "I want a 1000ft statue of the greatest US president, Donald J Trump. GREAT GUY, great guy"
  • this is USA's main political media outlet. Of course politics is not taken seriously
  • Dat was Lowkey *HARD !* SHOUT OUT to *Tha Boiii DONALD !*
  • Gandhi is nowhere when compared to Patel.
  • Patel was at least as important as Gandhi though. Even if Gandhi is more famous. Either way that was a dumb statue to build
  • Ghandi was racist thats why
  • I am Indian. N I agree. They spent too much, that could have been used for something much better. U are amazing Mr Noah!!
  • Wow! Orange hates the new black. Hahahaha
  • I don't like Mr. Trump that much but he is right. However, he must be clear with the other problematic countries in the middle east that he has already made billion dollars deals with them on the fatal facilities!
  • Trump is dumb AF, but that meme was awesome lol
  • Ot costs tht much mostly coz Indian politicians embezzle state funds
  • I think u should talk more about INDIA.
  • Wrong Indian map aholes
  • I won't want one of gandhi he could've stopped the partition but failed to do so.😔
  • Send them to Germany. "Refugees are welcome" there.
  • The Swedish word for wall is *Zlatan Ibrahimovic*
  • HBO comeback is

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