Is Rudy Giuliani A “Legal Wizard"? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Is Rudy Giuliani A “Legal Wizard"? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Is Rudy Giuliani A “Legal Wizard"? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Michael Kosta untangles Rudy Giuliani's defence of President Trump's alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Rudy giuliani is lizard on trump shoulder.
  • You. The grand legal wizard of Wazooland.
  • Wegal Lizard.
  • Did he ask that piece of card for consent though?
  • Sangria and chips LOL! This guy is awesome. The way he put the situation was comical genius, so fluid, and sadly so true. We need to see more of Michael Kosta with Trevor.
  • Brilliant chart😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅
  • Anyone else see that the building behind the white guys face kind of looks like a mans face with a moustache... 0:50
  • Guliani should wear a big red nose to save time for everyone having to wait until he speaks to realise he is a clown !
  • It's written "legal wizard" and I quickly read "wicked lizard".
  • More like legal lizard
  • 'I’m Not An Expert On The Facts’... in other words I am like my boss a total dotard and mentally derange loose cannon. G, the x-mayor and a lawyer, said not aware of the basic facts? Might as well declare that he is senile... we hire the best...sure does... Trump is saying "Rudy you are a nutcase idiot... Tweet...tweet... you're Fired....'re Fired....'re Fired....'re Fired.... this is turmoil, it’s chaos, it’s confusion're Fired....'re Fired.... Says Whom? ALL OF THEM’re next Vamoos you're Fired.... Tweet...tweet... Sweet Revenge...I love it MAGA --My Attorney Got Arrested… sure does...
  • That taint a bad defense!
  • I came here expecting a Harry Potter joke, and I don't know why
  • Oh that's good!
  • Ha ha ha! You sweet, dimpled simpleton! Very funny!
  • Name one person, just ONE, in the Trump Administration who doesn’t gaslight the country.
  • I actually think this is their plan...
  • The diagrams are always so educational.
  • 2:53 "the scumbag defense... otherwise known as pleading 69th up top..." yup. that part got me
  • Comedy aside if that’s the strategy I’m horrified
  • Please, please America, vote for Trump in 2020 because politics has never been so entertaining or so much fun.
  • This show is dying without Stewart...
  • As much as this is a skit, it is right on the mark.
  • Lol Michael Kosta is a genius
  • The next Stephan Colbert?
  • Term perfect grandfather warm white squeeze screen.
  • Thanx for clearing it up
  • Brilliant!!
  • the scumbag defense lololol
  • TBH if the Feds found evidence from raiding Cohen's offices that Trump knew about the payment, it might actually be a smart move to start admitting it early on Giuliani's part.
  • I am pretty sure Giuliani is actually dead and the one that has being appearing on TV is actually a malfunctioning clone robot, there is no other plausible explanation for his behavior.
  • Stop those fist-bumps - they're soooo 1990's OK?
  • For those simple minded yanks that truly believe there was no collusion from Russia watch this and tell me this isn't your nation right now one name people Surkov
  • At some point in the near future – if they haven't already – someone is going to have to ask Trump which he'd rather hold onto: his presidency or his marriage.
  • Is just me, or is everyone on the show except trevor incredibly unfunny?
  • I´m D E A D. Funniest Vid I´ve ever seen
  • 'Fantasia' is right, americaland. How many hippos in tutus have you got pirouetting around the truth like some ballsed up cartoon nightmare...
  • 0:58... brilliant sum up (& take-down) of current state of Trumpian idiocy
  • 3:01 Well explained!
  • I love how in the end he made a reference to Rudi's ridiculous woman crossfit dress and Trump... Well search for it :)
  • It seems Democrats clean house (as indicated by the recent NY Attorney General resignation) while Republicans fill up the house with all kinds of mess. Lol.
  • Thank you Mr Costa, brilliantly explained , muddy the water, plead the 69th 😂
  • "You sweet, dimpled simpleton" 😂😂
  • This is genius. Kudos to trevor, the writers and his team.
  • Next it will turn out that Trump not only has the hush-fund, but it is also an index fund to account for inflation in payoffs as time passes, because that's what a good bisunesscumbag does
  • Michael should run for office. He sounds just like a politician.
  • Unbelievably GOOD ! !.
  • you're a wizard harry
  • Wait was that a Rudy Giuliani Drag Queen Motorboat reference right at the end?

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