Trump's Nighttime Phone calls With Sean Hannity | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Trump's Nighttime Phone calls With Sean Hannity | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Trump's Nighttime Phone calls With Sean Hannity | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
A New York Magazine article reports that President Trump and Sean Hannity talk on the phone before bedtime every night, creating a disruptive "feedback loop" in the process. In other news, First Lady Melania Trump spends several days in the hospital for a surgical procedure on her kidney. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • Voice over actor?
  • Trevor you are the best.
  • Foreign orange purple hurry strategy soon hundred climb subject blend compare.
  • Manila is away great I can call Storny! (Oh that's right she hates me now).
  • 😂😂😂 I swear he kills me each time he talks about Melania
  • Hey, if I ever become President of the White House, I would love to have Noah as my First Lady **wink wink**
  • Dont forget that Sheldon said that Crimea was his spot and Putin had to get away from it!
  • LGBBQ community, hilarious Trevor.
  • whatever TRUMP is a billionare and the president of a Superpower as oppssed to U 😒
  • Kidney surgery and benign. That's rare
  • It's Yanny, not Laurel.
  • Trevor’s melania sounds Jamaican
  • No it is yanny not laurel
  • It's Yanny. 😑
  • 😂 KFC positive
  • "You hang up first", "No, you hang up first", "No you" giggle, giggle
  • you must be kidneying...
  • Trump should avoid all visitation rights, he will only exacerbate the situation !! Hannity & Trump talking is like a sequel to Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy !!
  • No1 got that yanny or laurel joke.... 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
  • Here's a fun conspiracy theory idea, what if Trump is actually the one doing the checkup but doesn't want it to get out (not probable considering the administration's leaks, but hey fun thought)
  • Trevor Trevor Trevor your humour is great XD
  • I *do* like Melania...she's stronger than we think...
  • Laurel
  • what a dumb attempt at humour.
  • Seriously why are you not talking Allison Mack??????? Her bail is the highest ever in Hollyweird, take out the financial theif's who got caught stealing billions. Mack s is among the largest in USA history for men, & women. Now that's women empowerment. Btw it's so high because kids are involved. Allison is facing life in prison, & is now singing like a bird for a reduced sentence. So far the names involved are Seagram's heiress, Clintons. Her trail is set for October.
  • Is he really a gamer? Hes probably getting a butt load of money from ea to put on he's "I love battlefield" mask haha
  • DON best show ever
  • Bfv
  • Elon musk is South African too btw
  • Between the two Trump is healthy. Lol 😂😂😂😂
  • Sean Hannity will pay Trump $130k and then Trump will pay Cohen 130 then so on and so on until the entire Trump gang is connected through a hush money dollarpede
  • I wanna have a conversation with Trump lol.
  • #MAGA Making Comedy Great Again!! Feeding Comedians Again!!
  • She's staying an extra week in hospital so she can repeatedly bang Dr Hunk in Radiology. Meanwhile, Donny and Sean can have phone sex and pyjama parties all week long, let's build a fort under the Oval Office desk, yayyyyy.
  • may he get a 2nd term
  • Your Trump jokes are getting old. Try coming up with new material already!
  • Har har har not funny
  • She’s in hospital cuz sadness and misery can do a lot to human body
  • it's laurel lol
  • The idiot leading the idiot...
  • She's probably in the hospital because Trump punched her in the kidneys to often. Leave her face, I like her pretty
  • Hannitys psycho side parting
  • Exercise pain writing everywhere excellent southern old gallery up undertake.
  • "My life is a beautiful dream."
  • Pricks don’t get sick.
  • So maybe Hannity is doing us a favor. Keep the president riled up so his heart will give out. Good job.
  • Is this show just about trump?? Seriously
  • how also do u also cannot go any where...this is a diplomat
  • that is unfair some women find themselveves in a situatuion espectially with diplomats ..with kids anbulld how do you explain.... all the bull shit the new schools and house across the globe

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