John Kelly's Anti-Immigration Rhetoric is Nothing New | The Daily Show

John Kelly's Anti-Immigration Rhetoric is Nothing New | The Daily Show
John Kelly's Anti-Immigration Rhetoric is Nothing New | The Daily Show
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly faces backlash after characterizing Mexican immigrants as uneducated and "overwhelmingly rural." Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Caucasian Grinch!!! LMAO Trevor that is Gold!! 😂😂😂
  • Fake news don't know the difference between illegal immigration and regular immigration
  • History repeats itself... The Mexican repatriation was a mass deportation of 2000,000 Mexicans and Mexican-Americans from the United States between 1929 and 1936. sixty percent of those deported were U.S. citizens. My great grandfather was one of those American citizens sent to Mexico. And this was all based on the color of their skin.
  • John Kelly. You cannot escape your past
  • I thought rural people with a 4th grade education were "Real America"
  • I vote we take all your money to support these migrants.
  • It honestly hurts how ignorant Kelly is, it's great how he assumes how the majority of a country lives when it's clear he has no idea. Yes my mom had an education only up to the 3rd grade because she was the oldest of 11 and started working and raising her siblings at a young age. My dad being the 8th out of 15 managed to go to school and even get a degree, but after he finished school he decided that it would benefit the future of his family to live here instead. He couldn't use his degree here so he had to start from the bottom, but that doesn't mean he wasn't educated. He's worked in a variety of labor intensive fields even though he had no prior experience in them and he still managed to thrive in each of them. He was able to gain residency and then apply for citizenship which he had to study for and take the test like everyone else that applies for citizenship. They act like people aren't trying to be a part of this country, he's very proud to say he's american, and heck until recently because of how conservative he was raised he'd always vote Republican. Take that how you will but that should show you that the party definitely took a very wrong turn somewhere and drove off a cliff, not like the Democrats have done any better though.
  • why are you defending “illegal immigrants “?
  • "Like a u2 album on you're iPhone" HAHAHA Really though. How did it get there?
  • Same morals as when rep. Closed sanitariums putting mentally challenged on the streets there still homeless or dead
  • I feel so educated with Trevor Noah.
  • What is happening to accountability? Before long, only we the little people will have to answer to the "letter of the Law" while they all flaunt their own contempt for even the Spirit of the Law. So much for Integrity, and Congruence. A nation run mostly by Ethically Challenged and sometimes even Sociopaths.
  • Y'all filthy immigrants. Give America back to native Americans!
  • The caucasian grinch John Kelly
  • Does he know that the US is overwhelmingly rural? Does he know that Trump supporters are overwhelmingly rural?
  • wrt to the great-grandson reveal - Well played (slow clap), Well played. I love your show and the reason it is so damn good is because of this kind of commitment to getting your facts straight. You're still making your homeboys in SA proud my Laaitie. Keep it up. Ma se kind!
  • "Overwhelmingly rural" Well so is a significant portion of republican voters, why not get more of them in the usa then?
  • The very ending = Fantastic writing. #LoveThisShow #JohnStewartForPresident #TrevorNoahForVicePres
  • Black girl in TX kinda tried.of the Mexicans lol I mean def this tiresome circle of content nig no action we need to have a border nothings wrong with that
  • Story of America is immigrants coming to a new land and once they arrived, they stopping more immigrants from coming. Right on the nose trevor
  • imagine a mexican man ex soldier who's daughter is kidnapped in America he couldnt come with her thanks to the laws so he seeks in having to fight both lawmaker and breaker to save her
  • Kelly is talking about illegal immigrants, what do you people not understand about that?'!
  • About immigration, why not ask the First Nation Tribes? Are they allowed to speak out?
  • This immigration policy is applied to Latin American people. They have no problem with Europe people coming here illegally or not.
  • U2 does always pop up on my iTunes
  • Italy was and remains a shithole country.
  • The children get placed with American "sponsors"; in some cases permanently and will very likely become exploited in some way. So really the _Murderers and Rapists_ are quite possibly Americans and the victims are the migrants.
  • They can have my kids. Please...
  • " *ASSIMILATION* *ASSIMILATION* *ASSIMILATION* " It sounds like aliens trying to take over the world by brainwashing.
  • Kelly does have an unscrachable itch down his crotch
  • the party of "family values"
  • Whatever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore...”?
  • Fuck you Trevor Noah. You don't understand what racism really is. I'm fucking Irish
  • That was great!
  • 3:20 is hella relatable
  • he really just pulled me back to apush with all that analyzation
  • Scott Lang doesn't deserve to be compared to racists
  • This is a brilliant idea - publically discuss the lineage of the outspoken immigration opposition. Make them taste their own hypocrisy!
  • that is why we need better history lessons.
  • What is so wrong with being rural? Rural folk are who elected Trump.
  • Racist appropriation LOL
  • It is kind of ignoring the fact that countries use immigration as a tool. If you need more people, especially a young labor force, you promote immigration. Germany, Sweden and Canada all have very open immigration well as a replacement rate that will put them as having a dilapidated work force in the next few decades if they only had nationals in the country. America has a growing population and does not need an influx of immigrants to counteract a dwindling population and fill the emptying jobs. Back when America did openly accept immigrants, the time periods everyone keeps referencing, America had vast territories opening up for farming. Americans were flocking en-mass to Oklahoma, New Mexico, California etc. Cities were being left by the tens of thousands, and these empty cities needed to be filled. Industries needed to produce, regardless of where the Americans went. You don't draft citizens into the military when you don't need the extra troops, you don't openly allow immigration when your population is producing enough people and labor to sustain itself.
  • "Overwhelmingly Rural" TF does that mean...
  • Report traditional counseling warning bow highly structural fifty.
  • 5:11 - 5:37 Game, set, match...
  • Trevor, *THANK YOU* for adding historical context to this argument. America has *ALWAYS* been anti-immigrant. LITERALLY NOTHING HAS CHANGED but the face of the immigrant.

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