The Democrats Want To End Trumpism | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

The Democrats Want To End Trumpism | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
The Democrats Want To End Trumpism | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Rolling Stone's Jamil Smith argues that the 2018 midterms represent a repudiation of President Trump's agenda, even as the effects of Trumpism cause key Democratic defeats. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: Check out the Comedy Central UK website: Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: Facebook:



  • """"Comedy"""" central
  • Fantastic editing Comedy Central, its not like that man was saying anything important anyways. 😑
  • My question is this why now that Donald Trump is being hated why now?
  • Why the heck is everything about race abd its used as an excuse!
  • How does a criminal land in jail. Was it a bad choice, so you want him released so he can vote and make another bad choice
  • Voting in the US: Republicans use their money to rig elections. Democrat's use their money to get more illegal immigrants in the country to vote for them. Cheaters one and all. What do the Reps and Dems have the most in common? They both succumb to lobbyists.
  • Start with U.S. Constitution - Article 2 Section 1 .The senate makes the final decision to investigate Trump and it's not going to happen . Trump fired Jeff Sessions . I hope this is an eye open for the L/R to be able to find middle ground and start a conversation based on the reality of the political landscape . The brainwashed propaganda zombies on the L/R are fighting for things they have no clue . We the people as one love one another it's the only way . I like to have a little fun but this getting a little carried away . Who knew the ALT L/R right would take it to the next level . MSM / ALT media daytime and late night TV are promoting a political religious gender race war dividing the citizens of America . The brainwashed propaganda zombies are taking the bate .
  • Come on bros, blacks are going to take over the USA soon, can`t you just wait a little bit more ?
  • In other news water is wet
  • Why is this guy so focused on race. The guy lost cause more people thought the other guy was better. Not because because he is black. If that was really the reason then there would be white representative on top for the democrats in that state.
  • What if the white dude in Florida was just more suited to the job instead of his win being due to people not being ready for a black guy in charge?
  • first off: I'm not American, so I feel I'm not 100% quallified to talk about it, but I feel kinda bad for the republican party: They used to be a party with an agenda, non that I would follow, but they had a core idea. But now that Trump is in office and is basically a threat to world security suddenly EVERYONE in the republican party kinda "follows", or at least is portrayed as such. Donald Trump not only ruined your country, he also ruined the party he meant to represent.
  • how about you vote for people based on what they are competent or not, whatever you like their politics or not. and not if they are black or white? how's that for a change?
  • Trumpism is here to stay. Trump 2020 MAGA!
  • Andrew Guilium probably lost because of the investigation controversy around him and Stacy in Georgia should probably have won except there is obvious and clear voting fraud going on in that state. So I don't know if it has that much to do with race like this guy is saying.
  • Race is not the only reason those candidates lost, many may not have voted for them because of them being black, but many would have voted for them for the exact same reason. If we act like no one looks at a candidates policies anymore, then eventually no one will.
  • Trevor I am so disappointed with USA. This racism is sickness in USA.
  • Lol just because a person is black or white doesn't mean they should automatically get the vote. People didnt vot for him because the other candidate was better. Race has nothing to do with it. If racism had to do with these votes then Obama would have never been president.
  • Sane people want to end Trumpism lol
  • Not possible Trevor ,maybe u should stop the bad mouth of your president to stay in peace for the american nation!
  • This wasnt funny at all
  • These guys are delusional, there was no blue wave because you need a better platform than "vote for us or your racist" If you think globalism is better than natiolism then make the argument. Your being a big meany isn't much of an argument
  • "his legislative agenda is essentially dead" *music to my ears*
  • establishment democrats did not really want her in, if they did, louder noise about the blatant corruption would have been heard.. saudi arabia confessed to the death of khasoggi because of the medias relentless 24/7 worldwide coverage.. if the dems kept the media speaking of the oppression systems and the corruption, eventually it would have changed more than the miniscule change seen with the little media pressure it got
  • donald going to jail
  • - Obama lost 64 seats - Trump lost 27. Who’s your daddy? 🤣
  • Ye know? Ye know.
  • In Obama's first term as president he lost 56 seats in the house!!
  • Why am I getting a CRTV ad before this video?
  • Happy for the blue wave 🌊, but disappointed about some of the losses 💙💙💙
  • "Love your neighbour as yourself" is OK. But "Love your neighbour more than yourself" will make you go down the drain.
  • God liberals are annoying
  • How can he say Gillum lost because people still aren't comfortable with black leadership? Where is the evidence that the reason he lost is because he's black? That's utterly speculative.
  • Democrats had 12 million more votes in the senate races and still lost. In America the tail wags the dog, the constitution and democracy is bogus.
  • but Beto lost too....
  • That beard game tho❤
  • The blue wave ???? What went wrong ?? There will never be a blue wave with out the Dem's waking up to the fact immigrant labour kills the lower middle class and lower wage people. This is the Dem's weak point (blind spot) and why the Republicans still have such a strong following...... even for a President as ridiculous as Trump. This was a blue ripple at best.
  • lol i love how the guy says that andrew gillum didnt win because he is black
  • "Trumpism works, but not Trump"... Trevor kinda slid that in there and pretended like nothing happened. 😂😂😂
  • 3:46 Of course they won't "pull the lever for the BLACK GUY" ! And they shouldn't. That'd be a very dubious way to think for any responsible adult ! They should pull the lever on whoever is the most competent and convincing in his views. If that person happens to have higher melanin density, so be it. You not so subtly insinuate that black people are racist toward black candidates and yet expect them to vote on a purely emotional basis, like pack animals. Please, try harder at being racist, Mr Smith.
  • They actually want to End the American Dream but whatever...
  • Hardly as crazy as the actual election... & I don't even live in America....
  • Ask the trumpet if voting is about race or true leadership????? And we clearly now what the trumpet 🏠 is all about...
  • Voter suppression was the main issue in those races, gerrymandering also played a huge role and in Texas also rigged voting machines, so those issues need to be addressed and investigated.
  • So we must vote for the black guy because his black?? Last time I checked its a free country.
  • He's still a massive pile of Mitt.
  • but come on, he was heavily hinting that gillum and stacey should have been partly voted in because they are black, it should be based on their merits. I think stacey should have come out and said I want to be voted in because of my credentials, not because of my skin, I think that would have helped a lot.
  • *Stop playing the victim, It really pisses me off when black democrats play the victim*
  • Trump doesn't work, but Trumpism does work.....that isn't a good thing. Because maybe Trump gets the boot, but the next guy that uses those kinds of tactics will likely be a LOT smarter than he is. That would be real trouble for the USA
  • I hope it will not effect legislation. Much have to be fixed, and democrats and republicans should be agreeing instead of this constant tribalism the president is trying to spread.

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